What Is A Psychic Reader?

Posted December 14, 2012 by Rosa Perez in All About Psychic Readers
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Psychics are known all over the globe of their extrasensory abilities. Some of them are known to read the future, while others work by reading through the past life or search for missing objects, persons and locating possibilities which have not and could not be explained yet by science. However, what exactly is a psychic and what does this person do?

The word “psychic” comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning “the mind” or “mental.” It refers to the human mind or otherwise known as psyche, and it refers to the powers the come from the mind. The term was first used during the 1870s in the English language, and has since been used in referring to someone who has and actively uses extrasensory abilities.

Psychics have been present even during the earliest civilizations. In theocratic societies, such as that of the Indus and Sumerian civilizations, psychics have been consulted for advice by political leaders as to the best time to harvest the land and save crops. They used the position of the stars in order to determine the seasons as well as the best time to conduct ceremonies and other occasions. The same goes with the Mayan civilization, where seers have come up with prophecies about world events and the future of mankind, as well as the purported end of the world. In Greece, psychics have been used as fortune tellers, such as that of the Delphic Oracle, where people consult about what the gods want and how their wishes could be fulfilled.

But psychics have many other duties as time progressed. Aside from predicting the future, they also work by calling the spirits of the departed. They perform séances in order to communicate with the dead in case these come as ghosts and haunt certain people and places. They also help in finding missing persons, objects and other items which could not be located by basic research skills.

At present, psychics still perform these duties, and they provide readings through different formats. There are psychics who conduct readings with live people, while others do the job over the phone or through the chat lines on the internet. Indeed their access points have widened, but at the same time the criticism against them significantly increased.

According to some studies, psychics do not actually possess real powers, but are only experiencing certain mental phenomena brought about by the different parts of the brain. But until now science has not yet discovered the brain’s full capacities, such that their hypotheses still remain open ended.

Regardless, psychics have proven to be helpful to many individuals. While not all of them possess the power to see the future or read minds, they do provide good advice on how to make sound decisions in life. People usually come to them asking for help, not necessarily to find things but their own selves, as they are confused and looking for opinions with no prejudice. Through these readings they become more capable of looking at things in different perspectives, not to mention see what’s best for their own welfare.

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