Are Live Psychic Readings More Accurate?

Posted September 6, 2010 by Rosa Perez in Tips For Getting A Great Psychic reading
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ome people prefer to get their psychic readings over the phone rather than in live actual sessions. The benefits of phone psychic readings are rates are cheaper and your anonymity is protected. But are phone readings as accurate as actual readings? It is known that establishing a psychic connection over the phone is quite harder as the psychic is not able to get through the client’s aura at first hand, but there are those who believe that they can still provide accurate results.

If you look carefully, phone readings get to be as accurate as live readings; it all depends on the psychic you consult. This is because the client’s spiritual aura can be transmitted to the other end of the line through his or her voice, together with the information given to the psychic. All the psychic needs to establish a connection is the person’s name and birth date, as well as the voice of the client. Indeed it may take time to process the connection, but the readings can be as accurate as actual sessions.

How do phone psychics become as effective as live, in person psychic readers?

Below are their strong points:

1. Phone psychics have less prejudice and judgment. Some live psychics come up with fast readings mainly because they have already established not a spiritual connection, but a premeditated judgment on their clients, based on the latter’s looks and physical attributes. Phone psychics only encounter their client’s voice, thus allowing them to give more sincere counseling and advice.

2. Phone psychics have better concentration with the questions given to them. Phone psychics listen carefully with their clients’ issues and questions, and from there they concentrate on reading through their minds with better coordination, unlike that of life psychics where there are many distractions. Phone psychics also come up with more direct readings as the information given to them are limited, hence giving clients a better understanding of the issue they discussed with the psychic.

3. Phone psychics give better advice. In some way phone psychics get to offer better advice than those in other avenues, such as online chat and live psychic meetings. This is because they get to focus on the problems of their clients and not dwell in sidebar discussions, and they are only given a limited number of questions to tackle.

While phone psychics are known to be as accurate as live psychics, it is best that you thoroughly research them first before actually making a call. Most of today’s phone psychics charge premium rates, and you wouldn’t want to waste money on useless minutes spent on chit-chat. You can search for reputable phone psychics on discussion forums  and websites like this one. Look for websites that provide information on psychics and let you see reviews from customers who have already consulted these psychics in the past. By knowing their feedback you will be able to make a good choice of psychic to call, and in turn get accurate readings.

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