Are Telephone Psychic Readings Really Accurate?

Posted December 16, 2010 by Rosa Perez in Tips For Getting A Great Psychic reading
phone psychic reading

elephone Psychic readings have become more and more popular over the last decade. This growth is possible because of the combination of personal contact over the phone and the ability to offer top quality service at a good value for the client. You might wonder how a telephone psychic reading works.

It is really pretty simple, but first lets first cover what you should expect in regard to billing. Requests for credit cards or access to debit card bank accounts are normal, but should be treated with the same care you would give any financial transaction. Be sure you know with whom you are dealing. Read reviews on each service you are considering and learn about the experience of others. In this way you will have a good understanding of what to expect.

In the past, the 900 number billing method was popular. When you call a 900 number you are billed on your phone bill per minute of time you spend on the phone. Problems with billing and misunderstandings over exactly what was being charged have caused the 900 number service to be widely replaced by credit card payments. Most telephone psychic reading services will request a method of payment such as a credit card. At Psychicsource we set up a personal account for each client prior to speaking to a psychic. To make the transaction more convenient we have you prepay into your account. When you choose a psychic for a telephone psychic reading, you will know exactly how much you are paying and the funds will be covered by your prepaid account.

Different phone services operate in different ways, but will generally make clear when each psychic is available. Some psychics are available at scheduled times or by appointment. If you request to speak with a particular psychic an appointment may be required. You can expect to be charged only for the time you are actually speaking to a psychic during a telephone psychic reading.

Some things to be careful to watch for include hidden charges and requests for more information than needed to bill your account. Be on guard if anyone asks you for a social security number, birth date or other information which might allow access to your personal financial information. Most telephone psychic reading services are honest businesses offering quality services. However there are dishonest people looking to scam you. The best advice is to be careful with your personal information and make sure you know with whom you are dealing.

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