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Posted July 15, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychic Abilities
psychic detecives

The majority of psychic’s who also work as detectives choose to work in the background and keep a pretty low profile while helping police officers on missing persons cases, as well as with identifying who the perpetrator is and locating them. Psychic detectives have their gifts come to them in several different forms. For example, some actually experience and live through the crime through the victims’ eyes, which is oftentimes takes a large emotional toll on the psychic. Other psychic detectives are able to gather and piece all of the information together by holding something that belonged to the victim, most commonly a piece of clothing. There are also some who have an ability to “plug” into the situation immediately, almost as if they were watching it happen from above. The final form is the ability for some psychic detectives to physically see and communicate with the spirit of the deceased person and receives information pertaining to the case directly from them.

It has been said that in any given profession, about 10 percent of people are outstanding performers on a regular basis, and the same goes for psychic detectives. While a lot of them are not genuine or good enough all the time to be considered reliable, a lot of them are great at what they do and have been proven accurate.

Take psychic detective Kristy Robinett for example. She is a perfect example of a professional who has proven time and time again to be the real deal. The psychic, and author, has had the unique ability to see and speak with those who have passed away since she was just a child, something that is pretty common with others who have psychic gifts. She got her first big break as a psychic detective one day when out of nowhere, a 20-year-old kidnapped woman came to her in a psychic vision and told her that she had been kidnapped and murdered in a different state. The spirit also gave her the precise location of her body, as well as other important details of her terrible ordeal. Robinett investigated and learned that the woman had been declared missing for about four years so she called Crime Stoppers. She gave them all the information she had received and they sent police officers to the location given to her, there they found the body and even found the murderer later thanks to the information provided to them by Robinett, as was given to her in her vision.

Aside from individual psychic’s who work as detectives, there is also an organized group of them who go by the name U.S. Psi Squad. This group makes it a point to let people know that they are not “natural psychics” and that they have acquired their skills through extensive training. They refuse to do readings for people because that is not their prerogative; their prerogative is to use special human cognitive skills to better help the police. They only work at the request of official law enforcement agencies and never accept payment for their work.

Some police departments have even begun training their own officers to be more in touch with their intuition and to use it more on the job. Some offer courses to their officers in remote viewing, which was originally used by the military for far away spying. It is a science-based technique that trains people to use their consciousness in order to “see” distant targets and to relay back in great detail what they saw.

There are at least two ways of knowing that things are true- one is through the facts and observations of the five senses together with the logic of the left hemisphere of the brain. The second is through something called “direct knowing”, which is information delivered to our awareness via the intuitive, impulsive, non-linear right hemisphere of the brain. When individuals use information from both hemispheres of the brain, it is a great combination, especially in police and detective work.


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    Peggy Wycoff

    I loved reading this , such a sense of belonging .. As a child I would just spill out info. from what seemed like no where .. by some I was refered to as the Little Witch. I have many conversations with my daughter Ann who crossed over in 2008 “ In some ways We are even closer now than We were before Her passing . Just recently a friend of mine that C.O. back in 1989 “spoke to me “telling me of His Spiritual Love connection with another family member “ by law“ Who had passed, I believe in 2010 . I get messages from folks I do not know as well .. I’m a little hesitant of ever trying to pursue a actual job at helping put together the solving of a crime scenes .. I’d be worried about mixing things up and in a situation like that I’m sure it’s vital to be on point, guess I’d have to practice more at staying deliberately in tuned .
    I Feel It’s Awesome That Some Police Officers Are Practicing Enhancing Their Natural Psychic Abilities ! I Also Really Admire The Psychics Who Are Actively On the Job Of Helping To Solve Cases For The Police , How Wonderful For the Souls Of The Victims and For Their Families Who Surely Need Closure “ What Peace All The Way Around For Both Sides.
    Blessings Of All LOVE .. ~ P.W.

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