The Most Common Psychic Scams, Cons and Fraudulent Schemes

Posted October 16, 2010 by Rosa Perez in Psychic Scams & Cons
psychic scams

sychic scams are very much common these days, and they come in all of the psychic communication lines: live psychics, phone psychics and as well as chat psychics. A lot of people fall prey to these scams as they because they have been led to believe that these are true. The people behind these frauds were able to earn their trust by giving them lies and false promises. There are many ways to prevent psychic scams, and the first step to spotting them is to know what they are.



Here are some of the most common scams fraudulent psychics use to steal from their clients:

Bad advice.

There are psychics who give out just plain bad advice to their clients, and provide only bad readings. They may even lie and claim they feel “bad vibes” from the people surrounding their clients, such as their close friends and relatives. From there they offer special services that which they claim could get rid of these negative energies, for a steep fee of course. These services may include incantations and rituals, which have to been done several times, and each of these have to be paid for by the client.


There are psychics who claim that their clients are cursed, and these curses would bring them misfortune for a very long time. Because of this they scare their clients and make them more susceptible towards biting into their scams, as they would ask for extra payments in order to conduct services which are said to “break” the curse.

Demonic possessions.

One scam psychics use on their clients is that of demons possessing their homes. In order to cast off the demons, psychics would tell their clients to make offerings and special ceremonies in which they not only have to pay for the services, but also purchase certain objects to bribe the demons so that they will go away. In reality, these psychics are they consume these gifts as there really are no demons.

Stalling the phone conversations.

Phone psychics on the other hand make use of the minutes spent in order to scam their clients. They would ask their clients more than the necessary questions and then discuss about different topics without even answering their client’s questions, until the client realizes that they’ve been talking for hours without actually achieving anything significant.

Real psychics do not spell out curses or involve demons in their readings; rather they give their clients the proper advice on how to go on with their lives.

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