Why Are Email Psychic Readings So Cheap, Or Even Free?

Posted December 14, 2012 by Rosa Perez in Psychic Scams & Cons
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These days there are two convenient ways to catch a psychic and ask for a reading: the phone psychic and the email psychic. Phone psychics have been common for the past two decades as all you have to do is dial their hotline and from there you can speak to a psychic and ask your questions. At the dawn of the internet age however, online email psychics have come to emerge, and they offer more convenient rates and even freebies. But how were online email psychics able to bring down their rates as that of phone psychics?

Well, while online email psychics are easier to reach and tend to be more convenient in terms of prices, they do have their own setbacks and issues. If you are planning to get an online psychic reading through email, then here are some of the things you can expect, things that make them totally worth their price:

1. It takes a long time for them to establish a psychic connection with their clients. Online email psychics take more time to establish a psychic connection with their customers mainly because they don’t have a physical connection, like being able to hear a voice. Psychic connections are stronger when conducted live, thus readings are given upfront. Phone readings meanwhile have less strength in terms of establish such psychic connection with their clients, but hearing the voice helps a lot in making such line possible. email psychics however rely only on the information provided by the client through text, and it is not clear whether they could actually prove a connection or not.

2. Online email psychics tend to give cold readings. One reason for being cheaper than phone psychics is that email psychics already have templates at hand. They just search for the right reading to give to their present customer to save time, without actually establishing a connection yet.

3. The questions are limited. Online email psychics only entertain a certain number of questions, as they could not establish a deeper connection with their clients. By narrowing down the items which they have to answer, they could be able to come up with vague answers which are not specific and may not mean relevant at all.

4. Online psychics charge extra for other services. If you have more questions to ask, online email psychics would charge extra as well. This is to keep the business going without requiring them to exert extra effort on looking on the person’s character, aura or psychic connection. Some psychics even foretell curses and bad vibes which could be removed using their own skills and powers, and from there they would as well charge an expensive fee.

Going to a email psychic can be risky, especially if it’s your first time to do so. If you are planning to get a psychic reading online, then it is best that you do a thorough research first and find a network that’s reputable, so that you could get a reliable psychic who would not take advantage of your situation.

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