Animal Psychic Ursela Rabe Is Awarded Top International Honors

Posted July 19, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Ursela Rabe

Ursela Rabe has been able to communicate with animals in a deeper and unique way ever since she was just a little girl. She has always loved creating beautiful spaces and has had healing hands as far back as she can remember. Even through several successful careers that have spanned from fine art to international business, she has always kept in touch with and gone back to her primary passions.

It is thanks to this passion for and dedication to psychic communication with animals that she has received the Penn Valley resident to international recognition. She also received this recognition for her ability to create positive energy filled living environments.

The “World’s Best, Most Trusted and Most Popular Lightworkers” 2015-16 edition recently named her as:

  • No .1 Best Animal Reiki Healer in the World
  • 2 Best Animal Communicator in Europe, #5 in the World
  • 1 Best Feng Shui Master in USA and Europe
  • 1 Most Recommended Lightworker in the United States

The honors Rabe received cannot be bought or paid off, unlike most other commercial directories or vanity publications. The nonprofit Federation of American Lightworkers and Times Square Press of New York surveyed over 17,000 lightworkers and more than 600,000 clients in 83 different countries in order to choose the absolute best.

“It’s a great honor to have been given these awards,” says Rabe. “It feels really good because it’s been my life’s passion to help animals- as well as to beautify and eliminate negative energy from homes.”

The multilingual and multitalented psychic used to travel the world to learn and practice these skills that have earned her the respect and admiration of both her clients and her peers before settling down in California 24 years ago.

An Auburn resident named Cory Johnson had a very highly trained hunting dog named Hank who was a German Wire-Haired Pointer but one day he was attacked by another dog and as a result of that, he became very hostile towards other dogs and would frighten other people. All it took was for Rabe to work with him one single time to change that around. “He was just a different dog, a lot more mellow; He was OK around other dogs and people again,” said Johnson.

When Hank got along in years and the end of his life was approaching, Johnson called Rabe once again. “She came the day I had to put him down. He was very calm, was laying his head in her lap and he just soaked in Ursela’s wonderful energy,” Johnson recalls. “She made it a good smooth passing for him. She treated both of us with a lot of respect and kindness.”

Most of Rabe’s work is telepathic since she is based in California. Sandy Saccomanno from Grass Valley had worked with Rabe before with her cats and dogs’ behavior and health problems so when her flock of chickens became upset and unruly, she knew the only person to call on was Rabe.

“All it took to quite down a cluckin’ and squawkin’ flock of chickens was to send Ursela a picture of the chickens. She’s amazing!” says Saccomanno.

Mark Estrada of Penn Valley still has a note of awe in his voice when talking about Rabe, even after having known her for four years. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before,” he says.

He states that Rabe brought his dog Kimmie back from near-death, as well as got his two cats to stop fighting over the years.

“She even saved one of my koi fish!” he exclaims excitedly. “She is a wonderful lady, but I have no idea how she does it.”

Rabe knows that she has plenty of skeptics but they do not bother her. “I’m not here to convince anybody. Everybody is free to think what they want to, and the people who are interested in my work, they find me,” says the psychic.

Rabe is now a whole lot easier to find since she has been internationally recognized. For more information about her and the wonderful work she does, visit her website or call 530-432-9365.



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