Animal Psychics Help Connect Pet Owners Understand And Connect With Their Pets

Posted January 21, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sara Moore

Ruthie Spiro, of Portsmouth New Hampshire, recalls a horse she used to own once, one that she felt a deep connection with.

“It’s a long story, but the person who gave me the horse, stole it from me,” she says. It was then that she made the decision to call an animal medium, in the hopes that she would be able to communicate with her horse.

“The animal medium was able to tell me that the horse was sad and looking for me. In turn, I was able to tell the horse what happened and that I missed her too,” says Spiro.

Spiro states that the medium she contacted was able to communicate her message to the horse via images in her mind. “It was a very good feeling knowing that I was able to say goodbye to her,” she adds.

This wasn’t Spiro’s first successful communication with a pet through an animal medium though.

“There are a lot of quacks out there- on the other hand, my personal experience has been amazing,” Spiro says.

Human beings are very interested in being able to communicate with our pets, even those that have passed away.

“It’s amazing how many people are opening up to this,” Sara Moore says. Moore is a medium, reiki master, and animal communicator. “I do so many readings for people who are going through transitions- either their animal has just died or is about to, or personal transitions like divorce. They all just want to make sure that the animal is okay.”

Moore’s passage into the world of animal mediumship happened naturally on its own. She began as a psychic centered on physical health, then became a reiki master in 2003, and soon after her current calling just happened.

“I started out doing reiki at dog shows and training centers. One particular dog was brought in for anxiety. As I started to work on him, I heard the dog talk. He said, very clearly, ‘Where’s my bear?’”

Moore can’t help but laugh while she tells the story of how it all began. “It was just weird! I kept thinking, what the heck is going on? But I couldn’t help but tell them what I felt the dog thinking,” she continues.

Upon telling the owners what their dog was thinking, she learned that the owners had moved houses recently and the dog’s favorite stuffed bear was lost in the move. They had bought other bears for the dog but none of them would calm the dog down. Moore was able to give a message to the owners from the dog which was that the dog wanted to pick out his own bear from the store.

In a follow up visit, Moore learned that the family had taken the message to heart and had taken him to the store to pick out his new bear, and that ever since then the dog has been back to his peaceful self.

Moore says that when an animal speaks to her it is like a picture- “It is like seeing a memory in my mind’s eye.”

Moore doesn’t let the skeptics get to her, and she has a rather calm, open approach to them:

“I’m not here to convince or convert. I’m not a vet. This is just what I do. I close my eyes and ask, what do I need to know?”

She also makes it very clear that even though she is trained in reiki and energy healing, she is definitely not a substitute for a physical doctor or a professional counselor.

“I think the biggest thing that I have learned with animal readings is that, most of the time, the reading is for the owner,” Spiro says. “People show up when they are being presented with life lessons and we might not be paying attention. Animals are here to help us understand our journey- with ourselves, our family or past. I am a firm believer that we have come here to learn things about ourselves and we have free will.”

People looking to make contact with their pets aren’t the only ones who utilize the services of psychic mediums- the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham recently partnered with psychic medium John Holland and animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon and hosted a fundraiser that sold out. The event was filled to the max with people who wanted to have psychic contact with their loved ones and long lost pets.

MacKinnon shares Moore’s thoughts about animals.

“Animals are connected to us all the time,” she says.

She also offers some advice, saying, “We should always be clear. If your dog keeps jumping up on the couch, and you are telling it to get off, that might be confusing to the animal. Instead try telling your anima, ‘Go lie down on your bed.’ That can help the animal clearly focus on what you want from them.”

Sheila Ryan is the director of development and marketing at the New Hampshire SPCA, and she states that 100 percent of the proceeds from the psychic fundraiser will go to The Koda Fund, which is an organization that provides animals with critical medical treatment.

“We have all kinds of animals here,” says Ryan. “Many think of just dogs and cats. But we have horses, hamsters and rabbits. We even have a potbelly pig, which is very smart, trainable, and house breakable- it can even do tricks! We are the only shelter in New Hampshire that has farm animals in the facility and take care of them.”

Many people agree that we can all learn from our pets, even those who have no need to use an animal communicator.

“Animals have a short life,” says Moore. “They are not the full book in our own lives. They are a chapter in our journey to help teach us.”



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