Another Victim Of ‘Psychics’ Gina Lee And Anthony Davis Comes Forward In Scamming Case Stating They Took More Than $200,000 From Him

Posted June 9, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Lee and Davis

Two individuals who claimed to be psychic and recently plead guilty to felony theft charge now have another victim speaking out against them. They were part of a scam that is being referred to as the Lompoc Psychic Scam.

This newest victim that is speaking out against Anthony Lee Davis and Gina Lucyfenia Lee is named Michael Basura. He states that the scamming duo tricked him and his wife out of more than $200,000.

Basura stated, “We have been kind of pulling ourselves out of this it has been a long struggle for four years we are now getting somewhat afloat but its still a struggle.”

The victim states that he met them when they were based out of Los Angeles County, before they moved to Lompoc and it is in Los Angeles County where they befriended him, gained his trust, and then fled with his money back in 2011.

“She said she could help us, that you know we needed a cleansing, our house needed to be cleansed and our money had to be cleansed and she kind of gained our trust,” says Basura.

The Lompoc Police Department says that at least two victims have made a report against Lee and Davis, stating that they had been bamboozled out of large amounts of money from a supposed psychic. After receiving these reports, Lompoc detectives went to visit the psychic shop, Life Coach Psychic, and found Gucci and Cartier jewelry in addition to over $12,000 in cash.

The District Attorney’s office said on April 29th that Lee and Davis both admitted to committing white collar crimes and plead guilty to two felony counts of grand theft.

The total amount of money they took from victims is $244,800 and according to authorities, they have been ordered to pay the money back to them.

Basura states that the reason he visited Lee to begin with was due to paranormal activity that he was experiencing in his home. Lee promised she could help him get rid of this unwanted activity.

“We were giving her money for candles and stuff for cleansing and she said that she needed money for things she had to do or go and get to stop things going on in our home,” he says.

Lee even managed to convince Basura and his wife to clean out their 401k plans because the money from those funds needed to be ‘cleansed’. “I said this is going to ruin us, this is a lot of money and then she took my hands and held my hands and said I am a woman of my word, you have to trust me,” he recalls. He states that so far, they have not received any of their funds back.

The duo is scheduled to appear in court sometime in late July. According to authorities, if they manage to reimburse the victims of all the stolen money they will only receive probation but if that has not been done by their scheduled court date then they could face the possibility of spending up to 6 years in prison for their crimes.


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    I almost fell for it. She now operates under the name Skylar Wells, and works out of Simi Valley. She wanted $5,000 in the form of a Mac Pro and a flat screen TV. She tried guilting me into it, saying she spent the savings she accumulated to buy her kids at computer on a Crystal cathedral for me so that the dark entity attached to my soul could be absorbed by the crystal. The other $2,000 she said she spends on candles and incense for the next 6 months process. I’m so glad I didn’t give her a dime, but boy was she pissed when she realized I caught on to her scam!

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