Australian Pet Psychic Heals Animals Using Crystals

Posted May 29, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Megan Hodgson

When a pet experiences a traumatic event, it may need care beyond what a typical veterinary office can give.

Enter Megan Hodgson, a psychic shaman animal healer. Ms. Hodgson has believed the above to be true for a majority of her life.

The pet psychic works from her home in Bunbury, Australia and it is here that she helps all types of animals recover from trauma that they have experienced using her psychic gifts and the use of crystals to heal people’s beloved pets.

Ms. Hodgson learned of her ability to connect with animals when she was just a little girl and has been growing her skills everyday since then.

“I found that animals would seek me out,” she says.

“I rescued, helped and saved many animals that had got lost, were sick or just wanted some healing- I would always connect with them and talk with them, but I didn’t come to an understanding of how to use these skills to really help animals and their human friends until later in life,” she added.

Hodgson acknowledges that her methods may seem unconventional to some, but urges pet owners to see the results and let them speak for themselves.

“I can have a conversation with the animal and work out the nitty gritty of a problem,” Hodgson says.

“A lot of people think that animals don’t have souls, but that’s really not true because they have thoughts, feelings and emotions just like people do.”

The pet psychic says that thanks to the connection that she has with animals, she is able to see their previous lives.

“I worked with a horse that was refusing to canter. He showed a past life when he was at war, so when he went to canter it was into battle and he was fearful- I cleared that and now he’s cantering.”

She states that she has had nothing but positive feedback in her hometown of Bunbury regarding her work with animals.

“Bunbury is really starting to open up to new ideas, new ways of thinking and different aspects of how to treat themselves and their animals.”

“It’s about looking outside of the box, instead of just taking your pet to the vet.”

In the very near future, Hodgson intends on hosting workshops in this field so that she can demonstrate her abilities to pet owners first hand, and help anyone’s pet that may require it.


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