Billy Bob Thornton Shares What It Was Like Having A Psychic Mother

Posted July 21, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Billy Bob Thornton

Amazing Oscar award winning actor, director, musician, and screenwriter Billy Bob Thornton sat down with “Oprah’s Master Class” to share some insight about his interesting childhood. Born in a town with a small population of only 110- Alpine, Arkansas- he describes his upbringing as being modest, yet eclectic at the same time.

“My mom is a psychic,” he says. “It wasn’t like she had a store downtown with a crystal ball sign out front or anything like that. People would come to the house and she did readings for people at one point.”

The star of the hit TV series “Fargo” says that his dad was a red-blooded Irish-American and his mother was of Native American and Italian descent. “So I was raised with sports and hard work and biscuits and gravy on one side, and on the other side, books and crystals and burial mounds and spirits and all that kind of thing,” says Thornton. “That’s how people like me turn out the way they do. It’s like all those mixtures, you know?”

Thornton jokes that having a psychic mother didn’t leave too much opportunity for him to be mischievous- “When your mom’s psychic, it’s not easy to sneak in the house drunk at night, I’ll guarantee you that,” he says laughingly. He does add however that he wouldn’t change it since his unique upbringing made him into the man he is now.

Thornton drew inspiration from his psychic mother and helped write the script for a movie called “The Gift” that is loosely based on her.


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