California Woman Sues Her Psychic For $11k Love Curse Scam

Posted July 22, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Love curse scam

Los Angeles, CA.- A former psychic was sued on the 10th of this month because a customer of hers states that she bilked her out of almost $11,000 over a period of time. The psychic told the victim that she had a curse on her love life and promised her that she could lift it for her.

The psychic’s name is Jennifer Williams and she owns a psychic shop called “Psychic Readings By Yana”, which is located at 2201 S. Bundy Dr. in Los Angeles. Klarissa Castro, the victim who is suing Williams, lives in North Hollywood and filed the suit against Williams at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit filed accuses Williams of “intentional as well as negligent infliction of emotional distress” and “fraud”. Attempts to reach Williams have been unsuccessful and she has not made any public comments regarding the issue.

The lawsuit filed states that Williams and Castro first met in August of 2010.

“Upon the initial consultation, Williams informed Castro that there was a curse placed on her,” says the suit. “However, Williams assured her that she was able to lift the curse, but that she would require plaintiff to start a series of psychic sessions with Williams.”

The victim states that at the time she met Williams, she was “emotionally vulnerable” and Williams used that to convince her that “without lifting this curse, she would be unable to have true, meaningful, loving relationships in her life.”

Castro also states that Williams charged her $500 for the first meeting.

Castro continued to visit Williams for the next two years, and ended up spending a total of about $4,025 for her services in that time period. Amongst the things Williams had Castro do are buying special candles that were supposedly “blessed” by Williams, write special love letters, and perform a series of various acts in order to remove the curse.

“Williams made plaintiff take these love letters, place them in envelopes with flowers and put them under her bed,” says the suit. “Williams made her write a list of nine things plaintiff wanted in her relationship with her boyfriend and promised her that these things would come true once the curse was lifted.”

According to the suit, Williams then convinced Castro to give her $1,400 worth of gift cards, telling her that she would use the gift cards to purchase items that would represent the love between Castro and her boyfriend.

The suit also says that in June of 2011 Williams again convinced Castro to spend another $5,020; this time it was supposed to be used to have a painting drawn that would, according to Williams, help “lift the curse on Castro” and would therefore bring Castro and her boyfriend closer together.

Castro stated on the suit that even though she gave her the money for the painting, she never received it. The suit also says “no change occurred in plaintiff’s life as promised by Williams throughout the approximate two years that she was seeing Williams.”


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