Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Mitchell Lied To Friend About Having Cancer Then Disappeared Owing Thousands Of Dollars In Debt

Posted October 3, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sylvia Mitchell

A psychic who has worked with several celebrities and was able to help them with their futures was unable to help her own future and has been found guilty of three fraud charges.

56-year-old Sylvia Mitchell was receiving flack that had been a long way in the making so she fled her home and left her personal assistant who she had just hired to stay home and deal with all her problems and to cat-sit without him knowing she was running off.

This latest escapade is the most recent in a number of tricks Mitchell has pulled in an attempt to runaway from her long list of debts, the Teesside Crown Court was told last week.

Her trail of lies goes as far back as the 1980’s when she was caught stealing checks and using them, as well as stealing from a past employer.

Mitchell, who has several aliases including Fran Willow, Izzy, and Jools Marquiss, was found guilty in 2008 of scamming thousands of dollars from a “friend” by lying to them about having cancer.

That scam lasted for years; the judge referred to the scam, calling it ‘despicable’.

“It beggars the belief of right-thinking people that such meanness could be operated in such a manipulative fashion,” Judge George Moorhouse said.

She had her day in court on September 30th and was given a three-month prison sentence due to being found guilty of three fraud charges. Her prison sentence is to be suspended for two years.

Mitchell has been on the TV show Psychic First, and is a well-known psychic in the clairvoyant field.

She worked with celebrity magazines such as Hello!, The Daily Mail, and OK! on a regular basis which helped pay the bills.

However, there are several bills that she chose not to pay, which include a £1,000 debt to a builder who did gardening work for her and £254 owed to a newsagent for newspapers and magazines.

When questioned on why she never paid the builder who worked for her for two days, she had several excuses. The builder claimed that Mitchell left him ‘out-of-pocket and aggrieved’.

She only got as far as to Hertfordshire in her latest attempt to flee her debts before she was caught and arrested there.

The court was also told about how her recently hired personal assistant was out £455 from his own pocket due to unpaid wages and cat food he had to buy for her cats on his own.

This employee got the job with Mitchell after he applied for an opening through the JobCentre and states that when Mitchell interviewed him, she filled his head with stories of how she was a psychic to the stars and led a glamorous life.

When Mitchell arrived in court, she looked to be in very bad health; similar to the last time she appeared in court.

The last time she was in court was in 2008 and she showed up in a stretcher. Her defense lawyer at that time was Ian Bradshaw and he told the court that she was receiving 12-hour daily care for a back condition she suffered from.

This last time in court, Mitchell showed up in a wheelchair and her current defense lawyer, a man named Christopher Baker, told the court that she was in ‘very poor health’.

“She is not in any real fit state,” he said.

“Because of her health problems and because she does not accept she is guilty of these offences, there are not really any conditions that are sensible that can be imposed,” Baker told the judge.


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    Actually I knew of this “person” before she scarpered and can assure you any celebrity clients are all in her mind as is her psychic ability, she’s an out and out con woman believe her at your peril.

    Kevin Adamson

    I was the gardener who she fleeced for a grand in co durham.she told me she was a sphycic and her name was izzy Mitchell.I never got a penny up front and when I finished the work she said shed get her accountant to pay me.big lie .it was all planned so she could do a runner all her debts.she just a using parasite who lives off other peoples kindness.I was determined to catch up with her so I imformed the police. It took two years to get the fat bitch to court were she pleaded not guilty to all charges.anyway found guilty after ten minutes.she only 3months suspended nothing to pay back.Gutted what a golden opportunity to jail fat slime ball.played sympat card as usual which got her off.not a cripple not schycic nor lottery winner.the judge
    wants knight hood for having balls to jail fat scumbag this time.Finally justice has been served after all these years and countless victims.only wish it was longer.


      Hi Kevin, I’m sorry you had to go through that, even worse that she got away with it for so long. Your a saint for continuing to chase her, most people would have given up. You saved probably hundreds of people from the same fate. Thank you Kevin, the world needs more people like you.

        Kevin Adamson

        Yes rosa three months suspended for two years.what a miscarriage of justice.me and two others hbad t go to court to give evidence against her,she just came off a suspended sentence for crimes committed in Carlisle two years previously.she knows when to dust down the wheelchair when shes caught out and play the sympathy card.ln the courtroom she was absolutely revelling in all the attention.sitting in her wheelchair.what a farce of a criminal justice system we have in this country were the accused dictates the proceedings.she was calling the shots all along by not turning up in court (due to ill health)a few times hoping we’d get sick and not give evidence.any how shes in jail now.

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