Clairvoyant Cathy Meriaux Helps People Connect With Their Past And Future

Posted November 19, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Cathy Meriaux

Talk of supernatural phenomena, visions, and spirits are pretty commonplace at least once a year surrounding Halloween and Day of the Dead but for Cathy Meriaux, her life revolves around these subjects every day of the year.

Meriaux does not like to call herself a “psychic” and really dislikes the stereotypes that come with the word, like a scamming lady in a dark room looking into a crystal ball for example. She instead considers herself a medium and clairvoyant. Her customers come to her with questions about their future or even past and she gives them spiritual readings that answer these questions.

43-year-old Meriaux is a busy woman, along with being a medium/clairvoyant she is also a mother of two and a wife and only views her “talents” as only one part of her overall self, a large part of it however.

“Someone will say a first name and boom, images come flashing into my mind,” explains Meriaux.

She doesn’t have any fancy theatrics during her readings, she just simply walks into her studio, grabs a pen and paper, and lights some sage. She says that she asks basic, simple questions and then explains to her customer the visions that she is seeing in her mind to see if it resonates with them.

The visions are something that she has experienced her entire life, as far back as she can remember. As a child she always thought it was normal to see spirits of those that have passed on. As a teenager she began having these visions more and more so she began to hone her abilities.

She says that the deceased all have messages. Most of the time they are nice and comforting messages, but that is not always the case. Obviously she prefers the kind messages, especially when she is reading for someone who is still grieving.

“That warms my heart,” says Meriaux.

She is all to familiar with skepticism and knows that it comes with the territory. She’s understood that her entire life and has always dealt with it. She has finally gotten to a point where she no longer feels that it is her obligation to prove herself to anyone.

“If you don’t believe whatever I tell you, you’re not going to believe. Take it for what it’s worth,” she says.

Meriaux also uses her talents to help investigations, either with the police department or private ones. She states that she always has to be careful in these instances because client confidentiality does not allow her to share details. She enjoys working with police departments though, especially because they test her first and when they proceed with her, she feels that she has a level of validation and trust.

Though she hasn’t assisted in any murders, as of yet, she has helped in finding missing parole violators or suspects and a missing persons case every now and then.

“Places and names I’ve validated, I’m always pleased to hear it,” she says.

She has even helped people on the other side of the law. Criminals who have done something wrong and are about to be tried in court, they come to her asking what they can expect to happen and she tells them what she sees.


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