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Anna Raimondi

Wilton, Connecticut- Psychic Anna Raimondi has been experiencing her psychic gifts since she was a small child, even before she began having her own memories.

“I was born to a very hardcore Roman Catholic family,” she tells The Hour. “I have been seeing, communicating, talking to those on the other side for as long as they can remember.”

Raimondi is Brooklyn born and Long Island raised. She has been residing in Wilton for about 16 years now. She acknowledges how fortunate she was that her extremely religious parents accepted her visions and psychic abilities as what they were, and not accuse her of making things up.

“They didn’t question my ability, which was rare at the time,” she says regarding her parents. “I was born in 1961, so the only people who were seeing things were people who were tripping.”

“Other members of the family just thought I was an insane little child,” Raimondi adds, speaking comfortably while sitting on an armchair in her home office.

“My aunt has said to me, ‘You know, we didn’t know what was going on with you,’ because they would go to sit down and I would say, ‘No, don’t sit there, because someone’s sitting there already.’ “

Raimondi is able to tell the difference between spirits and angels, and explains that she used to see angels when she was a little girl, but as she got older she began to communicate more with spirits.

“Angels tend to float around by the ceiling,” she explains. “It’s a different kind of energy than seeing a spirit.”

“Spirit is different, because spirits walk the earth. They have been people.”

Raimondi says that she became very self-conscious about her connection with the spirit world when she was a teenager, and so she hid it from her friends.

“I kind of had a double life, because my friends didn’t know I was doing this,” she recalls. “Once I got into high school I realized, ‘Oh my God,’ I mean, I was the high school cheerleader!”

“It was a little bit lonely at times because I knew I was different.”

After she graduated high school she completed college and grad school and received an MBA, then worked at a corporate law firm where she managed about 100 people.

“It was sad, I was very unhappy,” says Raimondi. “My 30s were a very hard time, because I put myself in this place for money, like everybody tends to do in this country. You need money to survive.”

“I didn’t understand that world,” she says. “I didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t nice to each other.”

“It made me into somebody who I didn’t want to be. It depressed me. I was really depressed.”

After her husband was moved to Wilton due to his job, Raimondi says that she really did not like the idea of moving her children to the suburbs and having to be a stay-at-home mother. She didn’t have a choice however since New York was too much of a distance for a job and she didn’t want to leave her two-year-old longer than necessary so she quit her career and made her domestic life her priority.

“I came here kicking and screaming,” she says. “I mean, living in the country? I had to learn how to cook. I didn’t know how to cook. I didn’t know how to do anything domestic.”

She recalls how her husband didn’t think she would make it six months living in the suburbs.

“I was too hardcore New York,” she adds.

Despite the expectations she had of her new life, a series of unexpected events caused a change in Raimondi’s attitude, not only towards her suburban life but towards her life in general.

It began at a baseball game, in the bleachers. Raimondi had a serious condition that required invasive surgery but she was avoiding the surgery.

“I was too young, and I didn’t want it,” she says.

“When I came here, I was not well, I was sick. I was at a baseball game, and there was a woman behind me, and I turned to her and I said, ‘You’re going to help me.’ I mean, I just blurted that out. Can you imagine someone saying that to you who you don’t even know, a complete stranger?”

“She looked at me and she said, ‘Yes, I am.’ “


Turns out, the woman Raimondi spoke to was a Reiki healer. Reiki healing is a method that relies on the healer’s touch to alter the flow of life forces, which then creates changes inside the person’s body in a positive way.

Even though Reiki practitioners have been criticized and many sectors of the medical community are skeptical of it, Raimondi states that in her case it was effective, but only temporarily.

She states that ever since that successful first experience with Reiki, she began exploring the field of New Age practices, and that eventually led her to reconnect with the spirit world, the one that she had been repressing since her childhood.

“She did Reiki on me, and I said, ‘Okay, if this works, I’ll become a Reiki master,’ “ she recalls. “And so, it worked.”

“I went into a kind of remission for a while.”

It was during her Reiki training that she learned physical contact with her patients activated her psychic abilities.

“Every time I touched somebody I saw images, I saw movies in my head, and I was telling them their life,” says Raimondi. “Who would have thought this in Wilton, Connecticut?”

She states that the unburying of her repressed connection with the spirit world created opportunities for her to use her gifts in a professional manner. She wrote a book titled “Talking to the Dead in Suburbia: An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift,” and she started speaking at and hosting retreats.

“I was going here, there, and everywhere,” says Raimondi, referring to the time immediately following the book publication.

Even with this change in luck, it was another period of illness that led Raimondi on her most intense spiritual enlightenment.

“I started getting on my path, and then a few years later, what happened was, I got really sick,” Raimondi recalls. “Really, really sick. I couldn’t breathe, it was really bad. And of course, I didn’t go to the doctor, because I figured ‘Eh, I must have walking pneumonia again, I’ll be fine, there’s nothing you can do about that.’ “

“The doctor came out- obviously not somebody with very good bedside manner- and she looked at me and said, ‘Get out of my office, because you’re going into cardiac arrest.’ I was in my early 40s.”

“I went to the hospital. Triage was waiting for me, and they said, ‘You got here just in time.’ “

“They transfused me, and I promised that if I survived I would really start doing this in a really big way, because I got a second chance.”

This close encounter with death renewed Raimondi’s sense of purpose.

“I got a second chance to live my mission,” she says. “It’s not just about what we are as a human being, it’s who we are as a soul, and so my mission was to in some way instill that in other people. And to help.”

Raimondi is pursuing her psychic abilities as much as she can. She has now written two books, hosted a radio show, and has been a medium on stage for five years.

In her next appearance, March 26 at the Westport Country Playhouse, will include a musician singing a song channeled to him through his deceased father with the help of Raimondi, a session of guided meditation, as well as a period of spirit channeling for the audience.

Referring to the process of communicating with the spirit world, Raimondi says; “I hear things in my head. Sometimes I just know, my mouth opens and it comes out.”

She also states that often times, the spirits who are able to communicate through her show a wide range of emotions, from playful to sad.

“It’s not scary, it’s not morbid,” she says. “Those in spirit have personality. They’re funny. People think, ‘Oh, wow, she’s funny.’ I’m not really funny, it’s their relatives and friends who are funny; I just repeat.”

“Some of the things are poignant,” Raimondi adds. “You get apologies for the way people were in life.”


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