‘I Don’t Mind Being Called A Witch’ Says Princess Diana’s Psychic, Sally Morgan

Posted November 18, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sally Morgan

Although she is world famous for her psychic gift and is the star of the popular television show called Psychic Sally, not many people know too much about the psychic. She decided to share a little bit about her background and speak about her unique ability that allows her to communicate with the spirit world; she also shares some of the troubles she’s endured because of this gift she has been given.

63-year-old Sally Morgan is known internationally, and has worked closely with royals such as Princess Diana, as well as celebrities. She has had psychic abilities her entire life and saw her first ghost when she was only a few years old.

When asked what her first psychic memory is she says that it is when she was in elementary school and she got in trouble for talking with her friend’s deceased grandfather.

Sally was just four years old when she saw this man standing in front of her as she drank her milk.

“I said ‘I want my granddad here’ and the teacher said ‘no’. I said, ‘well she’s got her granddad’ so the teacher said to me ‘come and show me’ so I walked round to this little girl and I looked up at this man. He seemed to be very tall and he was in a black coat and with a black hat on and I said ‘there he is’ and he smiled at me,” says Sally.

Her teacher immediately accused her of telling lies and strapped her to a high chair as punishment.

“This teacher, she couldn’t see anyone and her reaction was to say to me I was very naughty and she picked me up under her arm like a carpet,” she recalls.

“I was taken up to the baby section and I was put in a highchair all day. I remember screaming and sobbing for hours.”

This was just the beginning of a long string of negativity Sally would experience in her life as an effect of being given the psychic gift- a gift that she believes was passed down to her by her nanny, a woman named Gladys. She was punished over and over again as a child for speaking out loud about her spiritual encounters.

“When I was in my junior school this particular teacher had a slipper called Charlie and he was going to punish a little boy next to me,” she says.

“I said to him, ‘you’re only going to hit him because you threw a cup and saucer at your wife this morning’.”

“He just lost it. Oh my God. He came right up to my face and all I remember is looking at his neck because I’d never seen a neck with veins that were pulsating,” Sally said.

“He just said ‘get out of my class you wicked, wicked little girl’.”

However, instead of taking the easy route and suppressing her talent like most people in her situation would have done, Sally instead explored it and dedicated her life to learning as much as she could about it.

She had a natural talent and her ability just grew and grew. She even admits to giving readings to people at parties in her early twenties as a way to be more social.

It wasn’t hard for her to establish a superb reputation because her readings were so precise and she began practicing as a professional psychic medium in no time.

Her client list built up quickly and extensively. It included a wide variety of celebrities and non-celebrities.

She is now one of the most sought after psychics in the United Kingdom thanks to her ability to communicate with those who have passed away.

Sally says that it brings her great joy to be able to use her psychic powers to help people communicate with their deceased loved ones.

“I see my talents as a blessing,” she says. “It gives people hope that when our body dies, we haven’t actually disappeared completely.”

On her show, Psychic Sally: On The Road, she is a middleman between the people in the audience and their deceased relatives. She states that she communicates with the spirits via a sixth sense.

“We’ve all got this ability and it is at different levels within us. The ability to know things, it’s like a sixth sense,” she says.

“I think it’s only when we exercise it that it develops, but what’s interesting with me, I was never, ever aware of developing it. It was just there all the time,” she adds.

“I don’t think it is a gift from God, I think it’s just a special ability.”

When asked how exactly she communicates with spirits, Sally said that she picks up their messages like ‘radio waves’ and then she gives them to the person they were intended for.

She says, “I’m picking up these radio waves and they want to tune into a radio that’s sitting in the audience, the receiver.”

“The person is the receiver. They want to speak to that receiver.”

Sally says that being able to communicate with the dead has made her certain that heaven exists and she feels good about being able to comfort those who have recently lost someone they love.

“Our body is just matter. Our body is the vehicle for our soul,” says Sally. “When we die our soul, our spirit, our essence, leaves the body and it goes to a different dimension and it resides there, it sits there waiting, we all join up together in the end.”

“That is heaven. Heaven is where we go and it’s full of love, every single one of us, we are connected by this invisible umbilical cord of love, we are attached to our loved ones.”

“And the price we pay for love is that intense feeling of grief, when we lose someone, we are torn apart and that’s because we love so much, so strongly,” she continues.

Just like with any psychic however, Sally has her fair share of skeptics and is always being harassed by people who do not like the kind of work she does.

Not only do skeptics follow her around and harass her, they also threaten her and this leaves her scared and shaken up.

“I don’t mind being called a witch because there are genuine witches that are incredibly lovely people, but I’ve got children and grandchildren and I just think ‘oh my God, will they harm them?’” she says.

“These people, they’re targeting me, they’re out every night and they’re very scary.”

Sally, who is in the process of writing her fifth book titled Call Me Psychic, does not let this deter her from pursuing her career though. She will continue to do what she does best in spite of all the non-believers.

“They are trying to stop me but I won’t. It’s a form of harassment but it’s making me stronger in a way,” she says. “I’ve got an amazing gift and I won’t let them scare me out of helping people with their grief.”

“I do my work out of pure love and for me it is an honor. If people can find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are still with them then I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

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