Fans Attempt To Contact Houdini’s Ghost For The 90th Halloween In A Row

Posted October 31, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Harry Houdini

Not sure what to do for Halloween yet? Well, you could always pack up a suitcase and buy yourself a ticket to Halifax, Nova Scotia to watch Alan Hatfield, a spirit medium, try to make contact with Harry Houdini’s spirit. A little bit of research revealed that since Houdini’s tragic death in 1926- almost 90 Halloweens in row- ghost hunters have been attempting to connect with him. Why Halifax you may ask? That is because Houdini’s first jail escape took place in Halifax City Hall, and also because he had one of his very first headline grabbing performances in Halifax so it makes sense that longtime fans would look to that city for a connection with him. Houdini once made a promise to his wife that if can, he will contact her from the other side. Seeing how Houdini was so good at escaping things though, it’s possible he even managed to successfully escape the “afterlife”.

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