Former English Model Katie Price Consults Psychic For Marriage Advice

Posted May 13, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Katie Price

Former glamour-model-turned-businesswoman from England, Katie Price was unsure if she should forgive her husband, Kieran Hayler, for cheating on her, so she decided to consult a psychic for advice.

At 35-years-old and currently six months pregnant with her fifth child, Katie was absolutely torn to find out that her husband of less than a year has been cheating on her with Jane Pountney, her best friend of 20 years who is also married, and that it has been going on for about seven months. She describes them as having “a full blown sexual affair” and is struggling to come to terms with the situation. She is hoping that the psychic can help her decide whether she should divorce him or forgive him and work on the marriage.

It has been said that Price’s mother, Amy, is a big reason of why she decided to visit with a psychic. They are both big believers and this is not Katie’s first time consulting a psychic.

A close friend of Katie’s told a newspaper called The Sun that, “She’s a big believer in psychics and Amy wants her to feel it’ll be OK in the end. Things are so awful, she needs spiritual guidance. She wants to ask about the consequences of a divorce.”

“It’s hard for her, especially as she’s worried about her pregnancy, but this might give her hope,” her friend said.

Katie has said before that the reason she married Kieran was because a psychic once told her that “Kelvin” would be the name of the man of her dreams, and Katie decided that the name Kieran was “close enough”.

Katie has four children already, three of them from a different relationship and a nine-month-old boy that she had with Kieran, and her friend states that Katie is seriously trying to decide what is best for them, as well as for herself.

“It’s no laughing matter for her. She’s desperate for answers. She thinks they’re scheming to get their stories straight. And she says Jane would have liked flings with several of her exes- but only Kieran was stupid enough to fall for it,” says her friend.


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