Fraudulent Clairvoyant Used “Black Magic” To Scam Gamblers Out Of More Than $217,000 In Cash And Jewelry

Posted June 10, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Casino scam

Durban, South Africa- A court in Durban, South Africa heard on May 27th of how patrons of a casino, also in South Africa, were fooled into giving a clairvoyant jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The clairvoyant told them that if they pay her in valuable goods, she could give them good luck charms that would ward off ill omens that were the doing of ancient demons.

The 34-year-old clairvoyant, named Nancy Shanelle Naidoo, is being charged with over 50 fraud charges for allegedly taking advantage of the casino gamblers superstitions and stealing their valuables from them, it is expected that she will plead guilty to these charges.

Prosecutor Wendy O’Brien stated that Naidoo is going to plead guilty on her next court date, which is scheduled for June 11th of this year.

Naidoo initially engaged the unsuspecting gamblers under the premise that she would be able to get them in contact with a “tokoloshe” which is a mythical African spirit. She told them that this tokoloshe was going to bring them good luck at the roulette tables.

The South African Press Association reports that the victims naively handed over their valuable jewelry, as well as expensive name brand perfumes, to Naidoo and she never returned them like she promised she would.

Naidoo has been charged by prosecutors with defrauding gamblers of over two million rand at different eastern KwaZulu province casinos; two million rand (which is the South African currency) equals about $197,000 American dollars.

Naidoo scammed one of the casino gamblers out of jewelry and cash totaling more than $98,000.

She is being charged with 53 different charges, among those are claims that she drugged the victims, some of which were senior citizens and therefore more vulnerable.

Even without using drugs to persuade the gamblers, Naidoo may have still been successful at scamming them because a large portion of South Africans still believe in black magic, voodoo, and the dark arts in general. They blame murders, rapes, thefts, and diseases to the malicious “tokoloshe” spirit.


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