Heir of Gaston Tree Farm Swindled Out Of More Than $12 Million Family Fortune By Psychic

Posted May 15, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Rachel Lee and Porsha Lee

Federal prosecutors allege that a psychic and her family took advantage of the heir of a family tree farm business in Gaston, Oregon. The heir, an unmarried man named Ralph Raines Jr., was swindled out of almost everything he had. The fraudulent psychic, 43-year-old Rachel Lee, took over his corporate as well as personal accounts, seized the family business, and even sold almost all of the family farm’s land, which was about 1,200 acres valued at more than $12 million dollars.

Lee’s indictment was unsealed last week and in it, prosecutors state that Lee and the rest of her crew spent the swindled money in Las Vegas on luxury suites at the Bellagio and Wynn hotels, a 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air convertible, a 2012 Ferrari convertible (complete with vanity plate that read “MRBIG” on it), as well as a number of properties in Woodburn, Northeast Portland, and Bend to name a few.

The government papers allege that Rachel lied to Raines Jr. and his father for over seven years. It also states that on several occasions, the scammers lied to banks and other institutions about who they were, and what their roles were in the Raines’ lives. One of them even went so far as to disguise herself by wearing a blonde wig and faking a British accent as part of their scheming plan.

Now that they have been “busted”, Rachel Lee is looking at eleven counts of “engaging in monetary transactions in criminally deprived property”, one count of “conspiracy to commit transactional money laundering”, and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud”. Lee worked in several psychic shops all over Oregon including, but not limited to, Portland, St. Helens, Canby, and Bend.

This was such a big project for Lee that she decided to recruit several family members- a daughter named Porsha Lee Multnomah, a man who is believed to be either Rachel Lee’s husband, boyfriend, or brother named Blancey Lee, and a woman named Samantha Lee whose relationship with Rachel Lee is unknown at the moment.  Samantha Lee has only been charged with one count of money laundering so far, Blancey Lee and Porsha Lee have both been charged with the same charges as Rachel.

Attempts at reaching Raines Jr.’s and the Lee family’s attorneys for comment have been unsuccessful.

According to the indictment, Rachel’s plan to scam Raines Jr. goes all the way back to 2004! She was a psychic at the time working in Bend, Oregon when she met Raines Jr., who was in his late 50’s at this time. Rachel was able to befriend him over a two-year period.

It just so happened to work out in Rachel’s favor that Raines Jr.s’ father had a stroke in October of 2006 and she used this opportunity to become his full-time, live-in caretaker. Rachel and her daughter Porsha both moved into the family’s home in Gaston.

The court filings state that Rachel did not waste any time in securing access for herself to Raines Jr.’s bank accounts, doing so almost immediately after moving in. She convinced him that this was necessary so that she would be able to cover any expenses they would incur. When that was not enough, she then convinced him to hand over control of two business accounts for the family’s tree farm. Rachel soon moved Blancey Lee into the home full time, under the pretense that she was hiring him to do general contracting work here and there for them at the farm.

Donna Maddux, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, alleges that over the next several years, Rachel, along with her family members, “gradually and incrementally took complete control of all financial and business affairs of Sr. and Jr.”

In order to secure all access to Raines Jr.’s accounts, she opened joint accounts with him, pretending that she was his fiancée. For several years after securing these joint accounts, Rachel and the rest of her family wrote checks and sent money transfers to pay for several luxury hotel stays, expensive cars, and even property; all being taken from accounts that were funded by Raines business and family money. The whole time Rachel and her crew lived with Raines Jr. and Sr., first in Gaston, then eventually moving to Northwest Portland.

However, none of this was enough for Rachel. She managed to take the scheme to unimaginable heights! The court filings state that she was somehow able to convince Raines Jr. to legally claim that he had married a British woman who was in the country illegally, so that she can stay in the United States. 24-year-old Porsha played the part of the illegal British immigrant. She took this role seriously, dressing herself up in heavy makeup, wearing a blonde wig, and even faking a British accent. Her made up name was Mary Marks, and it wasn’t long before she was granted access to his accounts and was making administrative decisions for the Gaines’ family tree farm, along with her mother Rachel.

The filings also show that a fourth woman by the name of Samantha Lee, relationship unknown, agreed to pretend that her son was Raines Jr.’s son.

Raines Jr.’s father, Ralph Raines Sr. passed away in February of 2011 and Rachel Lee became the executor of his will. According to the filings, Raines Jr. was already “fully and totally dependent for all financial and business decision making” on Rachel and Porsha at this point.

Rachel persuaded Raines Jr. to sell the entire tree farm so that he can pay his inheritance taxes. “Mary Marks”, played by Porsha, was the one who arranged and negotiated the sales.

Now that Rachel and her family’s wrongdoings have been discovered, they are being charged with the charges listed above, and the indictment is also going to attempt the forfeiture of all bank accounts, properties, and vehicles that were paid for with Raines’ funds.

All three of the women, Rachel, Porsha, and Samantha have all pleaded “not guilty” and both Rachel and Porsha are being held in jail awaiting their upcoming trial, set to take place in Portland on July 15,2014. The male, Blancey has yet to be arraigned.


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