Hollywood Star Julia Roberts Consulting With Psychic With The Hopes Of Communicating With Half Sister Nancy Motes

Posted April 23, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Julia Roberts and Nancy Motes

Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts’ half-sister, died in 2014 of a self-inflicted drug overdose suicide, and according to sources close to her, Julia has not been able to accept her sister’s fate. She has unanswered questions and is getting help in an attempt to communicate with her on the other side. It’s understandable that Julia is unable to accept this tragic event; Motes reportedly claimed in her extremely upsetting suicide note that her troubled relationship with her half-sister Julia Roberts was one of the reasons why she chose to kill herself. Not surprisingly, it was very painful for Roberts to know this and she took the death extremely hard. A new report has emerged claiming that she has had such a hard time coming to terms with this that she hired a psychic medium in an effort to contact her sister in the spirit world and hopefully mend things up.

According to the April 27th edition of Globe Magazine, “Julia Roberts is so desperate to mend fences with her deceased half-sister Nancy Motes, she is seeking a psychic to contact her from beyond the grave. Nancy, who died at age 37 of a drug over-dose last February reportedly left a scathing suicide note slamming the Pretty Woman.” The magazines inside sources also state “Julia needs to know Nancy is doing OK.”

While it is not unusual for big-name celebrities to hire and consult with a psychic (many celebrities even have a personal psychic on hire that they consult with on a regular basis), it is a little strange that Julia Roberts is doing so in order to reach her sister because of all the reports stating that the two never had a close relationship and rarely spoke while Motes was alive. Roberts could have had a change of heart after the death though, and is now having a hard time coming to terms with it. It makes sense that she has a lot of things she never got to tell Motes and is now trying to get that off her chest. We wish Julia Roberts the best of luck on her spiritual endeavor and hope she is able to find peace and closure.


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