International Psychic Gets Advanced Warning For Accidents, Helps Others As Well

Posted March 24, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News

Rockhampton, AU. – Kerilyn’s life was saved by a voice that she heard in her head.

The voice told her that she was about to wreck into a guide post, and because of that warning, Kerilyn was able to prepare herself for it.

She believes wholeheartedly that the voice belonged to her guardian angel.

“He’s been with me my whole life,” she said.

She also added, “He saved my life, I’ve had two accidents since (but) I get warnings, like premonitions.”

Kerilyn states that she has always been aware of the fact that she was different then other people around her ever since she was a child. She began having strange nightmares, as well as an invisible friend that has stayed with her ever since.

“I see what will happen to other people,” said Kerilyn while on a visit to Rockhampton this past week.

Kerilyn is a very well known international psychic, but Rockhampton seems to be even more aware of her and her amazing psychic abilities.

Rockhampton offers Kerilyn a good client base and she likes to stop there every few months, mostly in between her travels to Los Angeles, New Zealand, and other cities in Australia.

Kerilyn has had psychic abilities for about 28 years and she loves using these gifts to help people who are a struggling in their life, or are battling grief and personal issues.

“I just don’t go up and say this is going to happen, I approach it in a healing way, it’s about supporting people,” says 54-year-old Kerilyn.

“I work in the grief process, and work with people who have had sexual assaults and young girls with eating disorders; I guess I work differently from your normal classified psychic. A lot of people come to me and say is there another place to go to, and I certainly say there is,” she adds.

Kerilyn’s psychic abilities may have been passed down from her mother because she too, has the ability to foretell the future of others.

“My mother said that this would happen to me and she wanted me to be ok with it,” she says.

“I used to gift it to people for many years but it became obvious that I was in need and decided I’d get on the road and do it for a regular business.”

She also says, “People shouldn’t be fearful of it, it’s not evil, I work in absolute love. I believe there’s a higher power and don’t fear the things you can’t see, it’s like the wind and the sunshine hitting your skin.”


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