Lana Del Rey’s Psychic Friend, Medium Fleur, Is Known For Translating Messages For The Dead

Posted June 16, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Del Rey and Fleur

Aside from informing her fans about new music or performances, singer Lana Del Rey normally keeps her social media pretty low-key for the most part. This is why we thought it interesting to see her promoting her psychic friend on her personal Instagram on June 9th of this year, just a week ago. The psychic highlighted by Lana is a professional medium who communicates with spirits on the other side.

Lana is said to be such a busy celebrity in her daily life so it’s interesting that she took time out of her day to highlight and focus on her psychic medium friend.

The psychic friend we’re talking about goes by the name of Medium Fleur and she also is known to have other celebrity friends and followers. For instance, her Facebook page notes events where she invites a live audience and attending these events are high name celebrities, such as Emma Stone for example.

Medium Fleur lives in Orange County California and often holds small readings in the area. Lana Del Rey highlighted the psychic’s June 10th event in Los Angeles on her Instagram account.

It is not uncommon for the nationally acclaimed singer to work with other celebrities but she is not one who usually promotes them on her social media accounts. She attended Lady Gaga’s birthday party recently according to E! Online but never did she post about her or mention her on any of her social media outlets.

What this leads many to believe is that Lana Del Rey and Medium Fleur could be especially close friends in real life and it’s possible that Lana is supporting and going to bat for Medium Fleur because she has had experience with different psychics in the past and is a believer in the paranormal field.

It is probably no surprise to Lana’s fans that she is friends with a psychic medium, especially since she studied metaphysics when she attended Fordham College.

In 2015, Bustle interviewed Lana about her belief in psychics such as Medium Fleur and after hearing her response, they stated the following on their magazine:

“[Lana] Del Rey definitely believes in signs, saying that she once went to a clairvoyant who asked her to write down four things she was thinking about on a card and she managed to address all four things.”

In another instance, Independent wrote on their August 1, 2014 edition that Lana was actively seeing a male clairvoyant and that she described herself as being raised Catholic but that she considered herself a “seeker”.

For anyone looking for additional information about Medium Fleur, all they have to do is a quick Google search where they will find several videos showcasing her abilities and her strong online presence. Medium Fleur, real name Nora Stone, was also considered one of Los Angeles’s top psychics by CBS Los Angeles.

It is likely that Lana was drawn to Medium Fleur more due to the mystery that surrounds her than her online presence and hundreds of testaments.

Medium Fleur used to be a pre-medical student at UCLA when she began giving psychic readings due to having experienced talking to spirits when she was just a child.

She then left medical school to focus on her psychic abilities and she discovered that the best way to explain her unique ability was to “connect people to their loved ones on the other side”. She has been quoted as seeing herself more of a “simple translator” more than a fortuneteller.

“As a translator I don’t have all the answers, I just pass on what I receive,” she has said in the past.

Lana’s mention of Medium Fleur has not gone past her Instagram post, but Medium Fleur is not shy about speaking about her experiences with celebrities such as Lana Del Rey. Her following quote makes it easy to see why Lana may regard her as a close friend:

“It is a huge honor when anyone trusts you and looks to you for help. It’s a responsibility that I do not take lightly- celebrity or not. Doing this work I’ve learned that celebrities are just like you and I. We all love, we all experience loss, and we are all trying to be the best we can be.”

Medium Fleur also makes herself more likeable by showing that she doesn’t take herself too seriously in life. She recently took part in a Hollywood-based comedy show called Metaphysical Improv as a special guest.


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