Man Stalks Psychic And Vandalizes His Office

Posted July 26, 2017 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Stalked psychic

Charlotte County, FL.- A psychic from Charlotte County Florida says that for the last four months, someone has been stalking him and that last week they vandalized his office.

It all began with some menacing emails and disturbing phone calls and then turned in to obscene graffiti and smashed windows.

Spiritual Psychic Medium Lorenzo Marion has worked in the field for about 21 years and just started working about a year and a half ago in Charlotte County. He began getting prank calls at his office about four months ago and then threatening emails followed the prank calls.

“I’m going to close your business down. I don’t believe in psychics, I don’t believe in mediums. You don’t belong in this town,” read the emails Marion received.

The medium says that his stalker then signed him on a dating site and random strangers would start coming to his house.

The stalker then began attacking Marion’s clients. “My computer was manually taken over and hacked, so my clients were getting emails of like vulgar stuff that I don’t even want to repeat. It’s just vulgar,” says Marion.

The psychic says that last week, his office, which is normally very quiet and peaceful, was vandalized. His stalker shattered his windows, drew indecent pictures of male genitals on another window, and spray painted his business sign.

“This person is acting as if he can do whatever he wants to me and my business, and he won’t get caught. Well, I’ve got news. He will get caught, and he will do some time,” said Marion.

According to Marion, both the FBI and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the matter. Marion is also planning for the future by installing motion detectors and surveillance cameras to either catch this stalker in the act and/or to catch anyone else who may want to do something like this afterwards.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office are asking that anyone with information about this individual call them at (941) 639-2101.


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