Manchester Psychic Jailed For Giving An Illegal Tarot Card Reading

Posted March 28, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Paul Eckersley

Manchester, England- 61-year-old Paul Eckersley was found guilty of hypnotizing and sexually molesting several young men 10 years ago and was therefore forbidden to work as a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, or anything else in the fortune-telling field. It was recently discovered that he was still performing these services and has been arrested.

When a court order banned Eckersley from performing any more readings, they advised him that if he was found violating that order, he would be thrown in jail but apparently he did not understand the severity of their ban and made the decision to perform tarot card readings for guests at a party for payment.

The party host who arranged the reading read a news article about Eckersley and how he was banned from performing clairvoyant activities and decided to call law enforcement on him. Due to his decision to break the law, Eckersley was arrested and has now been in jail for about 10 months.

After being arrested for several weeks he did admit that he had breached his suspended sentence as well as a sexual offences prevention order he had against him.

The sexual offences prevention order was given to him after being accused, found guilty, and jailed for putting two 18-year-old men in a trance and then sexually attacking them. The order was given to him in hopes that it would deter him from doing this to anybody else.

This is not the first time Eckersley has breached the ban; back in 2010 he breached it in the exact same way. He was caught performing psychic readings at another dinner party but that time he was not thrown in jail; they simply extended his ban time.

Since he breached the sentence this second time, he is now currently incarcerated.

Eckersley was caught this last time because the Manchester Crown Court got news that he accepted a job offer in April of 2012 to give tarot card readings in Moston, at a birthday party.

The prosecutor, Barrie Darby, advised the court of how Eckersley had charged the guests £19 each. Eckersley utilized the kitchen area to give the readings, and he also used a tape recorder to record these sessions.

Once the party host read the article about him and realized what Eckersley had done, he called the police and they arrested him at his house, taking with them his tarot cards, multiple cell phones, and a tape recorder.

At first he would not admit to breaching the sentence, but once they put in him in a suspect lineup and the party guests who paid him pointed him out as being the one, he admitted what he had done.

Aside from these charges, Eckersley also had a run in with the law in 1986, when he was accused and convicted of indecent assault.

Eckersley had an attorney for his latest fiasco, Daniel Thomas, who states that Eckersley never used his clairvoyant abilities for sexual reasons. He also said that Eckersley is not doing well health wise, is depending on disability for living allowance, is being blackmailed for money, and experiences insults and mistreatment every day due to his previous charges.

“Mr. Eckersley has had to deal with the notoriety the unique nature of his crimes has brought upon him. He therefore presents as a very nervous and fragile individual. He is remorseful- he accepts the lure of easy money was too much” said Thomas.

The court has ordered that the confiscated tarot cards be destroyed.


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    Paul is back reading cards in Ordsall, for vulnerable women with kids he is using the name Paul Stratton

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