Mary Todd Lincoln, President Abraham Lincoln’s Widow Often Spoke To Milwaukee Psychic

Posted August 26, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Mary Todd Lincoln

The 1850’s were a time of mystical awakenings and this was proven by the fact that psychic trances and spirit knockings were sweeping across the nation. One famous follower of this movement was First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of the well-known and loved President Abraham Lincoln. Not long after moving into the White House with her husband in 1861, the First Lady began making friends with mediums in the East Coast and attending séances.

While still in deep mourning for her slain husband on July 6, 1872, the former First Lady moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin. Residents of the town noticed that she always kept to herself, never really meeting or talking to people. On occasions she would visit the springs but other than that she was a homebody for the most part.

However, there was someone who Mary Todd did speak to on a regular basis; a Wisconsin psychic. It was reported by the Waukesha Plaindealer newspaper that Mrs. Lincoln had “recently visited Milwaukee to have an interview with a spiritual medium there, which is reported to have been very satisfactory.”

“During the last few weeks she has been holding spiritualistic communion through the most celebrated mediums of the east, and has now opened communication through the operator at Milwaukee. The particulars of this spiritual interview are not made public,” read the newspaper.

The newspaper also superimposed an image of President Lincoln over Mary Todd, making it look like Lincoln’s ghost for the article, and this image quickly became a popular memento of the time.

The former First Lady moved out of Waukesha later that year, and went to Baraboo, Madison, and “up to a wild part of the country.” She eventually left the state of Wisconsin all together by the end of that year and spent the majority of her life traveling from place to place, forever heartbroken still after the loss of her husband and their three sons.



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