Massachusetts Psychic Kelle Sutliff Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidential Win At Beginning Of Year

Posted November 23, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Kelle Sutliff

Most people didn’t believe a psychic medium’s New Year predictions for 2016 when she foresaw Donald Trump becoming the president.

“Everyone asked ‘are you sure?’ And, I was,” said psychic Kelle Sutliff from Andover Massachusetts. “I trust what I got from the other side.”

“I am a big cheerleader for everyone trusting instinct and listening to it. I see Donald Trump as a person of instinct and this country will be quite surprised on how he bridges our American community with economic revising and trade, so I tell people not to give up yet.”

Sutliff is a married woman, has three teenage kids, and has been a psychic medium for more than 15 years. She has a book titled “Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking!” and her own show called “Psychic Cup of Coffee” on Internet radio. National radio and television programs often have her in as a guest speaking about psychic investigations, mediumship, and intuition.

She was encouraged by a publicist to focus on the presidential primary before it was held and decided to listen to them. The more she focused on the matter, the more Donald Trump’s name kept coming up as a “bridger” to other countries about homeland security and economics.

She states that at first she didn’t understand why she kept seeing Paris and California on the other side but that now she does understand it.

San Bernardino, California and Paris were attacked earlier this year by terrorists.

“So much of what is going on with Americans now is fear-based. People want to stay mad. I say they need to find peace,” says the medium.

Ever since blowing everyone away with her accurate Trump prediction, Sutliff’s psychic medium engagements have been filled up and keeping her busy.

She laughs and says, “I spend more time on the other side than this side.”


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