Massachusetts State Representative Thomas J. Calter Re-Election Fundraiser To Include Spirit Medium Marybeth Sheehan As Special Guest

Posted November 4, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Thomas J. Calter

The Democrat of Kingston, State Representative Thomas J. Calter, is having a re-election campaign fundraiser on November 6th and, according to the Globe who received a copy of the invitation, it will include an “acclaimed Spirit Medium” as his special guest.

“With warmth and grace,” says the invitation, “she will bring her energy and gift of spirit communication to help make connections with loved ones who have passed on. Held in the beautiful Alley Theatre in Middleboro, proceeds from this event will benefit State Rep. Tom Calter’s continued efforts in public service.”

Aside from being posted online, Calter’s campaign manager, Amy Belmore, has verified the event and made it known that the cost, $50 per person, would be used mostly towards Calter’s campaign account, with a small amount of it to cover some of the overhead costs.

Belmore also spoke a little about Marybeth Sheehan, the special guest medium for the event, saying that she “does great work and makes amazing connections.” She mentioned that the event is really just meant for individuals who have an interest in metaphysics and the afterlife and added that it is just “one of many fundraising events we have done over the years.”

Since being elected for the first time in 2006, Calter has been holding fundraising events that include everything from dinners to speaking programs to live music events, states Belmore.

According to data on the Massachusetts secretary of state’s website, Calter was unopposed in both the general election and the Democratic primary in 2014.


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