Medway Psychic Says She Uses Her Gifts To Help Families That Have Lost Loved Ones

Posted May 14, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic Medium Ruth Larkin

Medway, MA. – Over a year had passed since the passing of their 20-year-old son James in a car crash and Sandra and Robert Paquette from Norfolk were at a friend’s holiday party attempting to enjoy themselves.

Then Ruth Larkin walked in and changed their lives forever.

Sandra Paquette recalls what happened that day; “Ruthie went right over to my husband and said, ‘did you lose a son who was a couple inches taller than you? Well, he’s here. He’s right behind you’. She started talking about motorcycles, fishing, and everything James. She nailed it. She said things no one would know.”

The Paquettes learned that Larkin is a psychic medium, and that she specializes in offering readings free of charge to families who are coping with the loss of a child.

“I do lots of other readings, but my real work is with the kids because the families are just devastated, and I know there’s never a parent who doesn’t feel better after,” says Larkin.

Sandra Paquette is one of those parents who Larkin helped tremendously. Sandra states that Larkin motivated her to “get up off the floor and carry on” since Larkin enabled her to put her mind at ease about her son.

Larkin continued visiting with the Paquettes and on one such occasion, James came through to Larkin and told her that Christmas past his mother purchased a gift for him and even wrapped it, and that he did not want her to do that ever again.

When Larkin told Sandra about that, she quickly admitted that it is true, she did do that, unbeknownst to her husband.

Sandra said, “I’m telling you that what she does is amazing. I’m living proof that it’s real. She’s helped so many people. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t believe in her.”

Larkin acknowledges that the death of a child is terrible, but believes that something even more agonizing is the disappearance of a child, since you do not know if they are okay or not and you do not have any closure. This is the reason that she is currently working on a psychic network that will help search for children who have disappeared.

Larkin states that she grew up in a very strict Catholic family and lived in Indiana and Massachusetts, and that she has been blessed with her gift ever since she can remember. However, she never accepted that gift until much later on in her adulthood.

“I never wanted it. I didn’t want any part of it,” she says.

As an adult, Larkin chose to work in voice and data sales. She had national accounts and was highly successful in her career.

Her job required that she travel around the country and in 2007 she found herself back in Massachusetts. This is when she finally began to embrace her gift and became known as the “Bean Town Medium”.

“I had a lot of false pride, and I was concerned what people might think. I’m just a regular person. This isn’t a big secret, and it’s not magic. It’s energy,” says Larkin. She also adds that she is an avid bible reader; reading it and praying on a daily basis.

Aside from being a medium, she is also a Reiki master and teacher, and is certified in integrated energy therapy. She believes that every cell in our body is energy, and due to the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, it keeps going as a spirit when die.

Reiki is an Eastern philosophy of healing that utilizes energy and there are more and more health care providers using this therapy, along with the more traditional types of medicine.

She feels that her psychic gifts are very similar to these therapies since they are both have to do with vibrations and energy.

Larkin believes that even if the grieving families don’t get the message she is trying to give them, at least they can rest assured knowing that we will all experience an afterlife.

“People who say there may be an evil side, that’s not true at all,” she says. “The answer is always love, and it’s so strong.”


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