Michigan Medium Jessica Linderman Helps Others With Her Gift

Posted September 15, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Jessica Linderman

A Michigan psychic is using her gift on helping people reconnect with their deceased loved ones.

Lake Odessa native, Jessica Linderman, owns Medium Healing Words With Jessica and states that she can communicate with ‘spirit’.

“I don’t like to use the word medium, but I do. Medium can have that broad meaning and people look at it as something that’s bad,” says Linderman. “I hear spirit, I see spirit and I communicate messages to clients.”

Linderman noticed her unique gift at a very young age. She states that she used to see people and believed that they were really there but that changed once she got a little older. She said that the people she was seeing would fade away and also that the people that she sees as spirits almost always present themselves at a time that they feel they were the most beautiful. Her own grandfather’s spirit visited her before and she says he had cancer but she saw him differently and at that point she knew he was spirit.

The medium lived in a Christian home when she was growing up and her parents never wanted to discuss her gift; she also never felt comfortable telling anyone else about it. When she got to high school, she realized that she could no longer keep caring what anyone might think about her ability and felt that this is what she was meant to do in her life.

“There was a defining moment where I knew that it was spirit that I was communicating with. It wasn’t just people that were there and other people couldn’t see, it wasn’t an imaginary friend,” said Linderman.

The moment she is referring to happened inside a grocery store one day. She states that she approached a woman whose husband was no longer living because he kept urging her to help him talk to his wife. She made the decision to help him and spoke to the lady.

“I said I can communicate with spirit and your husband really wants to let you know he is OK and he is on the other side and is at peace,” she says. “Spirit will make me physically feel how they passed and I told her I felt like my heart hurt and I saw my heart in my head, the image of it, and he had passed from a heart attack.”

From then on she knew that her life’s mission would be to bring peace to others and let people know that there is such thing as life after death.

“I know I have this gift for a reason and I don’t take it for granted,” says Linderman. “I take it seriously because I think death is the hardest thing that we face and there are many things in life that we go through, but I think losing someone is one of the hardest things.”

The medium began working with clients about six years ago. She began her practice by going to her clients’ houses, but she now has an office where clients can come see her. She says that the decision to see her at her office or their home is her client’s choice but she personally prefers going to their homes because it makes people more comfortable in their own familiar setting.

Linderman had one final message for readers; “Spirit is always with you, loving you, guiding you and protecting you. If you’re ever questioning if your loved ones are with you, they are.”


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