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Posted October 17, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Laura Moody

It is widely believed that a person’s soul only stays around long enough for them to finish up some unfinished business or for their friends and family to get a sense of closure after they pass away. This can range anywhere from a few months to several years.

Psychic Laura Moody is a firm believer in this because spirits that have passed on give her these messages on a constant basis. The Redford based psychic works as a medium with angels and spirit guides so that she can help her clients reach their goals, whether that be to communicate with their deceased loved ones or just reach their personal life goals.

Moody’s psychic abilities didn’t develop overnight, she actually learned about them as a child and has spent over half a century refining them. Now her unique gift is completely intertwined with the person that she is.

“I don’t distinguish from when I’m using the gift and when I’m not,” she says. “It’s so natural to me, it’s like breathing.”

Moody was raised in northwest Detroit with a very close-knit Armenian family. It wasn’t unusual in the Armenian community to have family members and others to possess psychic gifts.

“Nobody practiced this in our family,” Moody states. “It was just part of everyday life. It was no big deal to have dreams or to look for signs.”

It was during her school days that she took her first steps in the psychic direction. She would receive random “clear thoughts” about her friends and family throughout the day. She had a friend that would often complain about “foreigners” in high school.

“I had a clear thought about her,” says the psychic. “I told her she was going to meet a foreign guy from Ireland and spend her life with him.”

Her vision came true about one month later.

“They’ve been married for 35 years,” she says.

Moody set aside the psychic part of her life after graduating high school but could no longer ignore it in her early 30’s when she began having vivid dreams. She then decided to start seriously studying and perfecting her abilities. A few years later she began giving her first readings.

At first her readings consisted of “divinity tools” and tarot cards but then a tragedy hit her life when she was about 50 that sent her abilities soaring to a whole different level. She had lost her husband to cancer.

After that tragedy, her gifts were multiplied and she became a clairvoyant and clairaudient. She could now see, hear and communicate with spirits on the other side. She had now become more of a medium.

Moody described her new abilities as an old-fashioned “party” line that homes used to be equipped with in the old days. This means that you could often hear other people’s conversations when you picked up the phone to place your own call. She states that her newfound gift was very much like that.

“I do believe that everyone has this ability,” she says. “I kind of equate it to playing a piano. If you have the desire to learn and work on it you can. But for some, playing, well, they’re a little more naturally in tune.”

Moody states that her goal is to empower people. She uses her abilities to transmit “concise” messages to her clients from spirits who have passed on. She also gives psychic life readings that help her clients with matters such as finances, love, career and her clients’ life purpose.

Moody says, “I’m a ‘half-full’ psychic. If I see negative for someone, I have to see how they can get past it. If I don’t see it, I don’t tell them about it.”

She is different from other psychics in that she helps her clients in those areas of their present lives instead of only foreseeing their future.

“My goal is to empower them throughout the reading,” she says.

“In order to do a reading, it has to be an exchange,” says Moody. “Clients have to want to be a part of the reading.”

Moody has learned over the years not to dwell onto her clients’ issues in her personal life because at times they can be pretty emotionally draining.

“I have to just release all of that,” she says. “All I can do is try to give them what they need for that hour.”

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