Oregon Psychic Who Allegedly Swindled Millions Of Dollars From Gaston Tree Farm Heir, Rachel Lee, Allowed To Stay At Halfway House

Posted July 14, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Rachel Lee

We reported on this story earlier, read it here.

The psychic from Oregon who was accused of swindling millions of dollars from a Gaston tree farm heir could possibly be allowed to stay at a halfway house as soon as a bed is available, said a federal magistrate judge on Wednesday.

The psychic, Rachel Lee, had several psychic shops in Oregon, including Bend, Canby, and Portland but those have been shut down since her fraudulent activity was discovered. According to the U.S Magistrate Judge Paul Papak, once Lee is released from custody, she is going to have to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet. Her trial is set for tomorrow, July 15th.

Papak authorized Lee’s release until the trial date despite the objection from Donna Maddux, the prosecutor and Assistant U.S. Attorney. Maddux argued that the psychic had millions of unaccounted for dollars stashed away and that she is a high risk for fleeing. Along with an Oregon state issued identification card, Lee also had an identification card issued by a different state, under a different name, which also concerned the Assistant U.S. Attorney. According to Maddux, if Lee is convicted, she could face a long prison term.

To further prove her point, Maddux also mentioned the fact that Lee was aware of the investigation against her a long time before she was ever charged and had already made plans to flee. When officers arrived at her home in Bend last month to arrest her, they found $40,000 cash in her undergarments and her bags were all packed.

Maddux also noted that there is a possible second victim whom investigators are looking into. It is their belief that Lee met this second victim via her psychic business in Canby. They also have reason to believe that Lee convinced a man from Washington to lease a Mercedes Benz for her under the pretense that they were going to get married.

Lee’s assistant federal public defender, Lisa Hay, argued that her client should be released until convicted because she has no previous criminal record and because she was honest about her second identification card and willingly volunteered information about it. She also added that the tree farm heir who was robbed from, Ralph Raines Jr. doesn’t see himself as a victim, but instead feels that he “willingly gave (Lee) millions of dollars for the care and companionship he had received.”

Lee’s daughter, Porsha Lee, was also in on the scheme but was released from custody by Papak pending trial. The prosecutor did not object to this decision, stating that the investigation indicates that she was merely following her mothers directions and was just a teenager when she first got involved.

She is however, along with Lee’s husband, Blancey Lee, and her mother, still facing charges of conspiring to commit wire fraud, engaging in monetary transactions in criminally deprived property, and conspiracy to commit transactional money laundering. A second daughter named Samantha Lee is only being charged with a single count of money laundering.


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