Penn State University Student Turned Psychic Talks About Her New Reality TV Show- Monica The Medium- As Well As Her Catholic Faith

Posted June 11, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Monica Ten-Kate

Monica Ten-Kate is not your average Penn State student- far from it in fact…

For starters, she was blessed with a special ability- the gift of extrasensory perception. This extrasensory perception, or “sixth sense” if you will, allows her to make a connection with the spirit world.

The other thing that sets her apart from her fellow students is the fact that she is going to star in her own reality television show, called Monica the Medium. It will be on ABC Family and premiers July 13, 2015 at 10:00 p.m.

Monica isn’t traditional in the way that she does things, in the sense that she does not say mystic chants, use crystal balls or tarot cards, or even light candles. She just states that she has always heard voices and seen images that she could not explain ever since she was a child.

She knew there was something going on with her even as a young girl but had to suppress her gifts due to her strict Catholic family and upbringing, as well as the fact that she attended a Catholic school. Not only did she suppress these premonitions, she was also afraid of them for a long time.

“But when I went to a public high school, I started to have a lot of interesting experiences; I started feeling, and sensing and hearing things around me. I thought I was crazy,” says Ten-Kate. “People would tell me stories from their childhood, or about loved ones that had passed, and I would hear the ending of the story before they said it.”

It didn’t take long for these unusual experiences to stack up one on top of the other. At one point Ten-Kate even recalls hearing a loved one call her name out when she was in a car accident. She also knew the precise moment her grandfather passed away, before anyone told her about it. She made a believer out of a skeptic coworker once when she was able to connect with his deceased father; she shocked him with telling him details about him that she had no other way of knowing.

She is very surprised by the fact that this new television show opportunity came about to her; “It just fell into my lap unexpectedly, without me applying or anything,” she says.


In a span of a week, she had several producers reach out to her asking for an opportunity to work with her. Some would fly her out to L.A, while other would Skype with her. She decided to sign a contract with Lionsgate Production Company and filming began. She had a crew of cameramen follow her around Penn State College at the beginning of this year to produce the pilot episode. Ten-Kate states that the pilot episode “went amazingly well.”

Ten-Kate is a psychic medium, not a fortune teller so she is not able to predict the future, therefore she is unsure of whether she will be getting a second season or not, but she is happy either way.    

Ten-Kate says that making a connection with “spirit” is unlike any other type of conversation. It isn’t how most people imagine it, which is that a ghost just appears and tells her what messages to relay to their family.

Instead, she says that the messages come to her in sensations that appear dream-like. For example, if she makes a connection with a spirit that died of lung cancer, she will feel a burning sensation in her lungs, if the spirit died of a heart attack, she will feel her chest constrict tightly, and so on. She also sees disconnected visions from the spirits’ life that have to do with the message that she is supposed to pass on.

The medium states that even though her family members are all very loving and supportive, they often find it hard to accept her gifts because it doesn’t agree with their Catholic faith. There have been times when her own mother has even wondered whether her visions are coming from a place of evil.

“So I prayed to God, saying ‘If this isn’t from you, then take it away from me. I know you can trump any devil’ but the visions keep coming. I’m more spiritual now, and I believe in God more now, than ever before in my entire life.”

That is why Ten-Kate made the decision to embrace her gifts and aim to use them to provide comfort to those in need of healing and closure. She used to work at Lockheed Martin but quit her job there so that she can have more time to provide psychic readings. The more she helps individuals find peace and closure with the losses they have suffered in their lives, the more other people hear about her, with word spreading quickly. So quickly that they even reached the ears of high-powered TV producers.

Now that she has a successful pilot under her belt, Monica the Medium is ready to share her gift to the world. She knows that she will be making herself vulnerable to a larger number of critics and skeptics, but she is okay with that because of the fact that she will also be able to touch a greater amount of lives in a positive way.

“If I can bring a little comfort to even one more person, or help them peel away a layer of grief, then I’ll know I did my job,” she says.


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