Police Search For Trio Of Asian Scam-Artist Women

Posted May 21, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic Scam

Authorities are hoping to receive another call from an anonymous tipster so that they can find and arrest the three women who have been scamming tens of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

The anonymous caller recently spoke to Crime Stoppers but they did not get all of the necessary information from them and are hoping that he or she will contact them again.

The tipster informed them about three women of Asian descent who they have been looking for because they have been busy tricking victims into giving them money. Unfortunately, the caller did not have very many details about them.

So far this year in Melbourne, Preston, and Glen Waverley there have been three different scams reported to the police that all sound alike.

One of these victims was a woman aged 66 who was shopping at Preston Market on March 21st when two Asian women came up to her pretending to need help finding someone.

Once the initial meeting took place, the women then told the victim that she was going to die within three days because spirits were haunting her. They told her that if she gave them money they could help her so the victim gave them over $30,000 in cash as well as some jewelry.

This latest incident is the more recent of two similar scams last year. Last year in Glen Waverley on August 16th, a 46-year-old woman was approached by two Chinese women, who acted like they didn’t know each other, and began speaking to her of a Chinese doctor who didn’t even exist.

They gathered a lot of information about the victim during this conversation and then later gave all of the learned details of this woman to a third lady that they work with.

Not long after that, the third woman who pretended to be the granddaughter of the Chinese doctor who the other women talked to her of approached the same victim.

This third woman lied to the victim telling her that not only was her grandfather a doctor but he is also psychic and he had envisioned bad things happening to the victim’s family. She informed her that he could help her stop that if she gives them cash and jewelry.

The victim was scared so she led them to her house in Wantirna and handed over her cash and jewelry to them. She was told by the women to keep the whole thing a secret from everyone, otherwise it wouldn’t work and her family would die anyways.

Authorities know that the first woman goes by the name of Lily, is of Asian descent, and is about 5’2” tall. She has shoulder length black hair always up in a bun and has a thin body frame.

They also know that she spoke Mandarin, and has several gold earrings in her upper ear and a black earring on her earlobe.

They know that the second woman goes by the name Lin, is also Asian and is about 5’ tall. She is believed to be about 47-years-old and has shoulder length brown hair with a round face and big eyes. She spoke Mandarin as well.

They believe that the third woman is 49 years of age, has a slim build, and wears her black hair in a short bob-style hairdo. She has a birthmark underneath her left eye, wears glasses, and speaks Cantonese.

Australian authorizes are urging anybody with information regarding these three women to report them to Crime Stoppers at 1800-333 000 so that they can be arrested and charged.


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