Prediction Made By Psychic During Psychic Reading Leads To Arrest Of Man Who Sexually Abused Seven Children

Posted July 7, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Paul Abels

Des Moines, Iowa- A man from the Des Moines Iowa area is set to serve seven 25-year prison sentences that are to be served concurrently for sexually abusing seven children at his house.

65-year-old Paul Howard Abels has been charged with one count of assault with intent for sexual abuse and six counts of second-degree sexual abuse on March 10th of this year.

“We don’t like seeing these kinds of things,” said Altoona police Detective Brett Handy. “We don’t like seeing one. We don’t like seeing seven.”

According to authorities involved, the case was uncovered thanks to a woman who went to visit a psychic for a reading. The local psychic told the woman during the consultation that someone she knows had been sexually abused. The woman didn’t know what to make of this information but she decided to start asking around and soon discovered that the psychic was correct about this.

“It kind of takes you back,” said Handy. “It’s like, ‘You heard this from who?’”

When first told about this, police weren’t sure how to proceed with the psychic’s tip but they decided to investigate it anyways. Turns out that the tip was spot-on and it certainly paid off.

“You know people look at them and say psychics really don’t know much, but do they?” says the surprised detective.

On Wednesday the 6th Abels pleaded guilty in a plea deal. He was sentenced to serve seven 25-year prison sentences concurrently. He is pending transfer to the prison system and is being at the Polk County Jail until then.

There is a no contact order between Abels and his victims from now until July 5th, 2021 that was put in place by the court.


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