Property Seized From A Psychic Business Called ‘Readings By Catherine’ In Albemarle, Virginia

Posted June 18, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic raid

Albemarle, VA. – A number of cars were seized yesterday morning from a psychic business in Albemarle County by local, state, and federal authorities, but no one has said why yet.

‘Readings by Catherine’ is the name of the psychic business and it is located on Route 29 and Austin Drive.

There were at least four cars towed from the location. Along with police officers and other authorities, an assistant commonwealth’s attorney from the county of Albemarle was on the scene of the raid.

When news reporters questioned a man who was inside the business at the time of the raid, he told them that he was under federal investigation and he didn’t want to comment because of that. He also told the news reporters that no one ever told him why he was under investigation.

A spokesman from the U.S. attorney’s office made a statement saying that as of yet, there is no information that can be released explaining the raid. When the Albemarle County Police were asked about this, they advised to question both the U.S attorney for the Western District of Virginia and the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Though they declined to go into detail, a representative for Immigration and Custom Enforcement did confirm that the agency is leading the investigation.

When the raid first happened, police had the northbound lane of Route 29 blocked so that the cars could be towed away from the property but it was opened back up around noon that same day. I will update this story as more details emerge.


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