Psychic Couple Accused Of Stealing $238k From Clients To “Banish Evil Spirits”

Posted May 31, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Nick and Cindy Uwanawich

San Bernardino, CA.- According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, a married couple who consider themselves psychics have been arrested due to suspicion of felony theft. This is because they managed to trick several customers into giving them thousands of dollars to be rid of unwanted spirits.

The couple, a man named Nick Uwanawich and a woman named Cindy Uwanawich, are also being charged for running The Psychic Door psychic business in Crestline without having the business licensed.

The investigation on them began in December of 2012 by the sheriff’s department.

The investigators state that Cindy Uwanawich scared a customer into giving her money by telling them a spirit was bringing negative energy into their lives and that the safety of their family is being threatened.

The victim said that she was told by Cindy that in order to get rid of the spirit, she would have to give her nine pennies, nine nickels, nine dimes, nine quarters, and $9,000 for nine days.

Cindy told the victim that she would give them their money back after the nine days were up but investigators say that never happened.

After the initial investigation began, detectives discovered seven other individuals who said that they too had been duped by the Uwanawiches. Their losses combined equaled over $238,000.

A psychic practicing for almost 25 years named Jusstine Kenzer says, “It’s upsetting there are people out and something out there giving my profession and what I do a bad name.”

She advises people to research several psychics before deciding on one.

“Just because someone says they are psychic, doesn’t mean they see all and know all,” she says. Kenzer is also the owner of

She compares it to any other service; “It’s just like if someone said, ‘Oh, I’m a plastic surgeon.’ Would you go get your face cut without checking who they are?”

This isn’t the first time that the Uwanawich’s have been under fire; the couple used to operate The Psychic Door in Idyllwild and The San Bernardino Psychic in San Bernardino and, according to the sheriff’s department, these two locations also scammed customers out of their money.

Investigators state that the Uwanawich’s have also operated their psychic business from their houses in Crestline, San Bernardino, as well as at a number of upscale hotels.

The couple was arrested again on May 20th, 2013 due to allegedly operating yet another unlicensed psychic business in Yucalpa.

The Uwanawich’s have been booked for charges of felony grand theft warrants and their bail is set at $500,000 each.

Investigators have reason to believe that there are other victims of the Uwanawich’s and are asking anyone with information on the couple to contact Detective Thies at (909) 336-0600. They are also asking for anyone who believes that they have been scammed by them to report their situation to the LA County Department of Consumer Affairs.


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