Psychic Cynthia Faye Uses Her Gift To Predict Next President

Posted November 8, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Cynthia Faye

To say that this election season has been completely unpredictable is a total understatement.

We’ve seen everything from late-night Twitter rants to unsettling footage of raunchy conversations with television host Billy Bush to leaked emails and it is clear to see that both the Democrat and Republican nominees have had unusual and unpleasant campaigns.

It seems that everyone, from professional political experts to keyboard warriors on Facebook, have strongly expressed their opinions about what they want or think will happen on Election Day and some have even fought with friends and family over the matter.

Given all of this, it makes sense to turn to a psychic for this election to hear their professional predictions.

Cynthia Faye is a psychic based in Santa Rosa Beach, California and has been consulting clients for 40 years. Most impressively, she has successfully and accurately predicted the winners of the previous four presidential elections. Faye states that she looks for the candidate’s energy and receives her information from the heavens.

“This year is going to be a shake-up. I find Trump’s energy stronger than Hillary’s. That’s how I see it. Energy is everything,” she says.

It is becoming pretty clear that no matter who wins the election, a lot of people are going to very upset about it so when asked if there is any chance that America can be unified once again, Faye says to give it a solid four months at least.

“It’s been scary crazy, but it will calm down and people will start to be a lot more accepting,” says Faye.

A psychic based in Destin, Florida named Sonia Mitchell has been in the profession for over 20 years and states that she doesn’t like using her abilities that could affect her on a personal level. She also shares that she does not like either candidate.

“I liked Bernie Sanders myself,” says the psychic.

Mitchell also said that she goes by the energy that she receives as a basis for her gift, but has chosen to use her time on other things that doesn’t include the election.

“My energy hasn’t felt good about most of the election,” she says.

Seems that this election is baffling and surprising everyone, psychic’s included!


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