‘Psychic’ Dog Daisy Predicts Accidents Before They Happen, Saves Owner From Danger Twice Now

Posted November 12, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic dog Daisy

Daisy doesn’t ever have to worry about her owner giving her away to another home; her owner has stated that she absolutely cannot live without Daisy!

The reason for this is that Daisy, a four-year-old cockerpoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix), has saved her owner Judy Owens’ life twice now. Miss Owen attributes that to “psychic” powers that she believes Daisy has.

Sixty-year-old Miss Owen says that twice now she has been saved from getting seriously injured, thanks to Daisy’s warnings.

Miss Owen states that aside from having saved her from dangerous situations twice, Daisy is also able to predict when the telephone will ring. Just seconds before her phone starts to ring, Daisy starts barking at it. She also knows when her owner is about to get up from a seated position and offers her her paw right before Miss Owen makes a move to stand.

So far, Daisy has predicted a terrible accident in Miss Owen’s bathroom that could have been fatal, as well as a car wreck.

The first time Daisy saved her owner from danger was in February of 2013 when she was riding in the car while Miss Owen was driving and all of a sudden she became extremely distressed and nervous and began to howl uncontrollably.

Not knowing what was wrong with Daisy, Miss Owen slowed down considerably and mere minutes later, a car pulling out of a junction rear-ended her and sent her car flying into a wall.

Miraculously, Miss Owen did not suffer any serious injuries due to the fact that she had slowed her car way down; all thanks to Daisy’s incessant barking and howling.

The second psychic thing that Miss Owen noticed about Daisy happened earlier this month in her home. Miss Owen, who lives on her own, says: “A few Sundays ago I went to bed as normal, but at 4am Daisy suddenly awoke and began rushing around my apartment- nothing seemed to quiet her.

After about half an hour I persuaded her to come back into the bedroom where she jumped up on the bed and lay horizontally next to me, pushing her little body against mine.

Two hours later there was a huge explosion in the bathroom. My glass shower door had exploded and sent sharp shards of glass everywhere- they’d even gone flying out into the hallway.

“Just before it happened Daisy wouldn’t leave my side, she wouldn’t let me go, she just wanted me to stay there.

Maybe she heard the glass cracking first, I didn’t know what was going to happen but she seemed to sense something and wanted to protect me.

If it had happened two hours later when I usually have a shower I would, without a doubt, have been very badly injured,” said Miss Owen.

“She’s normally a very placid dog so it’s very out-of-character for her to get agitated and howl.”

“Whenever she does it in the future I might just lock myself away because I’ll know something bad is on the way. I strongly believe Daisy has psychic powers. There is really no other explanation for it,” she adds.

Miss Owen got Daisy when she was a puppy, only ten weeks old and they have lived together ever since; she believes that this bond is the reason she is able to receive signals from Daisy.

Miss Owen and Daisy are together all day every day. Even while Miss Owen is at work in her boutique shop, Daisy is right there with her.

“She’s an amazing little dog, she’s like a little child really,” Miss Owen says.



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