Psychic Dougall Fraser Describes What He Experiences When He Sees People’s Energy

Posted June 1, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Dougall Fraser

Psychic and life coach Dougall Fraser believes that everyone has energy surrounding themselves and that it can literally be seen.

“In my everyday life, I see energy around people. I know that sounds like I’m on heavy medication or there’s something wrong with me,” he laughs. “But I literally see color and energy around people.”

Fraser strongly believes that each and every one of us are able to learn how to tune into this energy, but it is a mystery as to what it actually means to be able to literally see it. Fraser is able to describe what it personally happens to him when he see it; “It’s like an outline or a glow around an individual. Sometimes it’s really bright, sometimes the energy moves. If people giggle, it sparkles around them,” he says.

“It sort of looks like a kaleidoscope. One color will sort of dominate and talk to me about what’s going on personality-wise in that moment.”

You might assume that your most dominant color remains the same no matter what but Fraser says that would be an incorrect assumption.

“As we start communicating and talking, it starts to shift and change,” he explains. “There are so many different color combinations, there are so many different layers. Sometimes I see movement and pinwheels. I mean, energy is constantly moving.”

He states that this is the reason that it’s very difficult for him to completely describe what exactly it is that he sees when he looks at a person; the entire picture is a lot deeper than what we can process and understand.

“It’s impossible to capture a picture that would really define what someone’s soul looks like. If you have the opportunity to perceive any part of it, any layer- even if it’s just a flash or a sparkle- I don’t even think our minds can comprehend how much greater and more intense it is beyond that, he says. “To see someone’s energy? It’s perfection.”


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