Psychic Four-Year-Old Boy Makes Accurate Predictions; Real Life Version Of Cole Sear From ‘The Sixth Sense’ Movie

Posted April 29, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Elijah Howell

If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’, you are familiar with the little boy named Cole Sear who has psychic powers, but did you know that there is a real life version of that little kid? His name is Elijah Howell, and he is only four years old!

His parents, 40-year-old Greg Howell and 38-year-old Heather Howell, from Naples, Florida noticed that little Elijah was very unique and unlike other children his age from very early on. Incredibly, he began speaking in full sentences by the time he was only 10 months old! Turns out, he was communicating with his grandparents who had already passed away. His parents were intrigued by their son and called in a professional psychic to get some insight about what was going on with him.

They knew something was happening with him because he seemed to know what was going to happen in the future. Two predictions that came true were of particular shock to his parents. The first one was when he told his then pregnant mother that her baby was not going to make it, and the second one was when he told her not to worry because she would soon have two baby boys. “I found it so spooky, but not in a negative way”, says mom Heather.

She goes on to say exactly how it happened; “While I was pregnant, Elijah said, ‘Mommy, your baby is going to go with God.’

I said, ‘Don’t say that Elijah, don’t say things like that’, because I was scared because he knows things.”

“I did miscarry a couple of days later and he kept stroking me and telling me it was going to be OK.”

“A while later he said, ‘Don’t worry mommy, you’re going have two babies and they’re two boys,’ and in my head I thought he just wanted brothers.”

“Months later we ended up finding out we were having twins- and that they were boys.”

Greg and Heather were worried that perhaps their son was showing signs of mental illness, as they knew his behavior wasn’t normal. They were also willing to believe that he was seeing spirits, so they decided to call a psychic expert named Denise Lescano.

While Ms. Lescano was at the Howell’s home, she began speaking with Heather’s grandparents, who were deceased, in the hopes of figuring out what was going on with little Elijah.

She found out that Heather’s late mother was the one who told Elijah about both the miscarriage and the fact that the he was going to have twin brothers. She asked Elijah to send that message from her to Heather.

“Elijah displays all the signs of being a very gifted child with the ability to connect with the spirit world,” said Ms. Lescano.

“He has a very strong sense of having lived before and speaks of past lives.”

Before she left, Ms. Lescano instructed Elijah’s parents about how to manage the interactions that their son has with the spirit world.

“I feel much more at ease now after Denise’s visit, she’s given us a lot to think about,” says Heather.

“We’re all looking to Elijah to see how his gifts develop and can’t thank Denise enough for sharing her gift with us.”

Working one-on-one with families is not all that Ms. Lescano does, she also spends a lot of her time assisting police departments solve missing persons and murder cases utilizing her psychic gifts, which she states she has had since the young age of nine.

Ms. Lescano’s goal in life, she says, is to work on doing away with the skepticism and fear that surround psychics and psychic mediums. “This is not a scary thing, this is a very healing and comforting thing.”

“When I am able to help them and really pinpoint what is going on, it is incredibly validating and relieving for the family.”


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    His mother is exploiting him, and she has no credibility amongst her neighbors. She has mental problems and is a very paranoid person. I truly feel bad for Elijah.

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