Psychic Gerard Senehi Hired By School In The Bronx To Build Self-Esteem Of Students

Posted January 12, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Gerard Senehi

A well-renown psychic who has previously performed for Ellen DeGeneres and President Bill Clinton has a new job at a South Bronx high school.

Mind reader Gerard Senehi and the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics have recently partnered together to provide classes designed to assist students in developing important life skills, amongst them self-confidence, as well as help them figure out difficult questions about themselves, for example- “How much do you have a sense of direction and purpose in life?” and “Do you have the courage to pursue what you really care about?”

The program is called “The QUESTion Project, and it began with a performance at the school on December 19th. During the performance, Senehi amazed the students with tricks such as spinning spoons in other people’s hands, bending wine glasses, and of course making predictions about the students’ futures.

The school’s principal, Edward Tom, was astonished by how well the psychic was able to keep the students’ attention.

“That’s another amazing feat: to keep teenagers engaged for over two hours in an auditorium,” Tom said.

Tom states that even though the performance was extremely entertaining, it was about a lot more than entertainment; it was about helping the students redefine what they are capable of in life.

“The whole purpose wasn’t to give kids a magic show,” he says. “It was to let them know the power of belief, that there are so many things that are possible.”

Tom also believes that pushing students towards thinking about these important questions is particularly important for students at schools such as the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. A large number of the students come from broken family homes and could very well be the first member of their family to go to college.

“We just felt that there was this other side to teaching and learning that we really needed to look into and help our kids develop and that was a belief system that success is something that they should expect of themselves,” says Tom.

The QUESTion Project consists of three elective classes that the school is offering. It will run from February until the end of the school year.

The program hopes to help students answer questions such as, “How well do you know who you are?” via group discussions about what inspires them and what makes them afraid in life.

According to Senehi, the students will also be able to design some of the classes themselves and The Huffington Post will feature blog posts about what they are learning.

“The idea is to build these deep human and life questions into the school culture,” Senehi says.

After his performance in December, Senehi had the students ask themselves personal questions, and school officials then posted them throughout the school to show the students that their concerns were not unusual.

“So many kids were questioning will I be successful in the future, what does my future look like, am I really college ready,” Patricia Klarl, a counselor at the school, said. “It was great to see that they were not alone in that struggle.”

At the moment, the QUESTion Project is only available to juniors and seniors, but the school intends to offer it to freshmen and sophomores as well in the future.

The program first started began at Florida State University in March of 2014, and Senehi hopes to have it implemented in 500 schools in the United States and overseas by 2020.

He was especially excited about what the program will do for the students at the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics.

“We need to help them shape their direction in life,” he says. “To have more of a foundation from which to decide what they’re going to do, how they’re going to deal with the choices they have, who they are.”


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