Psychic John Edward Helps People Find Closure From Grieving

Posted April 17, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
John Edward

“I don’t know if someone had an accident in a hang-glider or air balloon, or with a bungee cord. I’m getting a sense of an ‘oops’ in the air,” says world-famous psychic John Edward as he walks around onstage, his glare directed at a young woman, one of more than 2000 in the audience. He singled her out and asked a crewmember to give her a microphone.

This is taking place in Johannesburg, in an auditorium at Montecasino. The young woman is standing near the back of the crowd but a giant screen shows her face to everyone.

“Yes, my best friend’s dad just passed away in an airplane crash,” says the woman.

This could just be a good guess right?

Then Edwards said, “There was poor weather and they couldn’t tell which direction to go.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened,” replied the woman.

This is also a good guess, since this is pretty common with plane crashes right?

Edward then asked her if this just happened in the last year.

She replies, “Yes, a few weeks ago!”

That was easy, anyone could have guessed that…

“Why am I seeing the number 319?” asks the psychic.

The woman, shaken up at this point nearly drops the microphone as she replies, “That was the number on his airplane.”

You can see her shudder on the screen, and it seems that the rest of the audience shudders along with her.

Edward was once a skeptic as well.

Amy Green is a health reporter for a health journal in Mail & Guardian in Africa and she had the chance to sit down with Edward and interview him. She met the fast-talking New Yorker in Africa when he was there to perform two sold out shows; one in Gold Reef City and one at Montecasino back in March of 2014. Edwards states that he has a special connection to people who have passed away.

“I used to be a skeptic too,” he told her, while at a coffee shop in Johannesburg.

He told her that his first psychic experience actually stemmed from attempting to prove his family wrong one day.

“My mom used to have psychics and mediums over to the house and one day, after a reading, my grandma came downstairs crying.”

His grandmother was very emotional because the medium she had consulted told her that she had seen her deceased husband, Tony, standing beside her.

“I have a very logical brain, so I was thinking: ‘Grandma, you introduced yourself as Mrs. Esposito, a very Italian name; Tony’s not a far stretch.’ So I went to a reading with her to prove to my family that Lydia Clar would not be able to read me.”

However, he was the one that was proved wrong that day. The psychic was able to read him like a book and even her predictions for him came true. She told him that one day he would be a famous psychic medium himself, one who would have the ability to connect deceased spirits to those who are still living.

He then compared the ‘other side’ to the Internet.

“It’s a vast place that you can’t go to with your physical body; you have to connect with it in some way. When you’re online, a lot of stuff opens up- positive and negative.”

He also compares communication with the other side to observing a photo develop.

“It’s like I’ve been given a negative of a wedding and I have to try to figure out who the people are and, slowly, as the negative develops, I’m able to see what the relationships are,” he tells Amy.

Colin Mitchell is a clinical psychologist, as well as a skeptic. He tells Amy that even if he doesn’t personally believe Edward is really talking to the other side, he does feel that his actions seem to help a lot of people.

“With sudden death, accidents especially, all kinds of difficulties can arise,” he says. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s 1969 theory, which is widely accepted and used in psychological circles, acceptance and/or closure are the final stages of dealing with grief and loss.

When a person passes away due to a terminal illness, it is easier to accept the passing away of that person, but when they die in an unexpected manner, such as an accident, it becomes increasingly more difficult to come to terms with that.

“The difficulty is that there’s literally no way of repairing that relationship once the person is no longer there,” says Mitchell.

Unless you are able to reach them via a psychic medium that is. Mitchell states that although he personally would not recommend that as the first option, he does believe that it can be a good way for people to cope with losing loved ones.

He acknowledges that having a sense of closure is critical for those grieving because those people need to have a way to move forward with their lives. “Cherishing moments” often goes hand in hand with finding closure, and this can represent itself as looking at old photographs of that person, talking about them with other people that also knew them and are grieving, or even attempting to reach the deceased through a psychic medium.

However, Mitchell feels that it can backfire sometimes because it can lead to the person escaping reality instead of accepting what has happened.

Back to Edwards show- was what he was saying real, or was it just a coincidence??

It is becoming a widely accepted, and being able to communicate with the other side isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Mathole Motshekga is from the National Interfaith Council of South Africa, and he believes that all “primal” religions are fundamentally based on the theory and belief of being able to have communication between the material world and the spiritual world. African religion in particular is known for revolving around being able to talk to your ancestors. Trances helped the South American Mayans to connect with their ancestors as well.

While Motshekga believes in the power of mediums, he also warns that sometimes it can be a bad thing. “You can know so much about other people from your ancestors, and if you wanted, you could use that to harm them,” he says.

Mitchell however doesn’t feel that psychologically speaking, Edward is causing any harm to his audience. He shares a saying that therapists have among themselves, which is that “they will do whatever it takes to help a patient- “even bark at the moon!”

Edward walks back and forth on stage at the show.

He asks the woman if the deceased man’s youngest child is around 25 or 26 and she tells him that this is correct.

“And someone just got engaged?” He asks her.

She replies, “Yes, yes!” excitedly.

“He wants you to know that he is okay. I know from what you have said that he is not your biological dad, but I feel like I’m supposed to be talking about you calling him ‘pa’ or ‘papa’, he tells her.

She attempts to answer him but her voice will not cooperate with her, she is overwhelmed with emotion. Finally she is able to say quietly, “I used to call him ‘pops’” The audience goes quiet and has a look of shock on their faces.


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