Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony On Tour Explaining How Quantum Physics Is On Brink Of Proving The Existence Of The Afterlife

Posted August 25, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony

New Haven, Conn.- Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony talks about how his two vocations aren’t actually total opposites, as they would seem and about how science and faith overlaps a lot of the time.

“I’m a legal expert when the paranormal and legal collide,” he says. He is currently on a tour that is taking him around the nation, explaining how the existence of the afterlife is on the brink of being proven thanks to Quantum Physics. “People of faith and people of science are now on the same page.”

“Quanta” is the foundation of Quantum Physics and are particles that make up everything we know in existence, for example, matter, energy, light, as well as life itself. It is now believed by Quantum Physicists around the world that the electric field of the brain continues to exist in a coherent form even after death. This is based on the law of physics that energy can not be created or destroyed, just transferred. When thought about that way, it makes sense that our brain’s energy has to go somewhere and perhaps this is what spirit mediums make contact with when they connect with someone in the afterlife.

Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony received his education at Oxford and became an attorney. He is also a fourth-generation world-renowned medium and author of two bestselling books. Anthony makes regular appearances on major talk radio, print media, and National Television as a paranormal expert, medium, and legal analyst in high profile cases. He is often a headline speaker at expos, spiritual organizations such as the Sedona Spirit Symposium and Edgar Cayce A.R.E, various conventions, as well as universities which include Yale, Harvard, Brown and Columbia. His bestselling books are titled “Evidence of Eternity”, which was actually submitted for a Pulitzer Prize, and “Never Letting Go”.


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