Psychic Lillyanne Being Accused Of Being A ‘Fraud’ For Sending Identical ‘Letters From Heaven’ To Grieving Customers Claims She Is The Victim Of Blackmail

Posted March 2, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News

Today’s ‘In The News’ article is about a psychic medium we reported on before (you can read it here) that is being accused by so many people of scamming them that she decided to accuse them back, of blackmail…

The psychic, a woman that goes by Lillyane, has been accused of mailing identical “from the grave” letters to clients that paid her to make contact with deceased loved ones.

The letter that everyone of her customers received reads as follows:

“Ok Sue (or name of whichever customer she’s mailing to)

as your very beautiful mum bless her connects with me

the very first thing that she wants you know,

is that she loves you with all her heart and that she is with her mum, and not to worry, she got home safe,

she adores you love,

she says she will always be with you on the path of life,

right at your side to help comfort and guide you,

should you ever ever need it, she will be there,

she wants you to know too love that she is very proud of as she tells me that you have had a very hard time of late,

she mentions the yellow flowers too, as she says how very beautiful they are,

and the new decorating in the house looks so lovely too,

she loves the colors,

she says when you dream of her love,

she is visiting you in a sleep state, it’s her spirit,

and when you see the feathers as well,

its mum that’s been leaving them,

she hears you talk to her,

you was sat on your bed love not so long ago,

you was crying, you have pine in this bedroom, and a light carpet,

mum was sat there with you putting her arms around you,

she mentions a baby to come in the family and looks very forward to that as well,

she loves your hair and tells me your always messing with it,

mentions some ones getting their teeth whitenened, and a tattoo she sees too,

she will be with you at church shortly as well,

and tells me September is significant as well as December,

she is in no pain, I feel cancer, or very smiliar took your beautiful mum, shes fine with the rest of your spirit family,

I will never ever leave you, I adore you,

All of you,

Many blessings to you. X”

The woman who blew the whistle on Lillyanne’s scam is Karen Brannigan. She desperately wanted to reach out to her deceased mother and contacted the fraudulent psychic but then discovered she had been deceived.

Since Branningan went public with her discover, other of Lillyanne’s customers have also come out saying that they were duped as well.

After being found out, Lillyanne, who would charge her customers £38 for a “personalized letter from heaven”, tried to turn things around and claimed that she was actually the victim in this case.

She accused Brannigan of blackmailing her and stated that she has contacted a lawyer who is going to defend her and her name.

Ashley Flay is the psychic’s son and administration manager. He was quoted as saying; “This lady, in effect, blackmailed us,” referring to Brannigan.

Things began to look bad for Lillyanne when 47-year-old Brannigan spoke out about how the supposed “letter from heaven” she received was exactly the same as the one a different customer received.

When Flay was questioned about this matter, he simply made excuses and blamed a single office employee, stating that this worker had lost a batch of Lillyanne’s authentic letters and in order to cover herself, she sent out “the wrong thing” to all 24 customers. He added that the employee has since been terminated.

After news of the scandal got out, Lillyanne, whose real name is actually Paula Barstow, went onto her Facebook page and proceeded to accuse Brannigan of blackmail. She said that Brannigan demanded Lillyanne to pay her £1000 in order to keep the fraudulent letters under the radar and not make it public.

The Record saw messages from Brannigan to Lillyanne’s office employees where she suggests that any money made off of these fraudulent letters be donated to a cancer charity, no where on there does it state anything about giving her money to keep quiet.

On the days that followed, another of Lillyanne’s customers also posted a message on her Facebook stating that she too was scammed.

She posted a print screen of a letter “from heaven” that she received back in October and it too was identical to Brannigan’s.

That prompted several other customers of Lillyanne’s to post their stories. A woman named Kate Tweedie wrote, “Just re-read my letter from heaven- very similar to what’s posted on here.”

“Mine too! I lost two brothers within a year,” said yet another customer named Angela Spence.

Another customer named Alison McKenzie told The Record that she too received a message, albeit several weeks late, supposedly from her grandmother and that on it there was a disclaimer from Lillyanne saying, “For entertainment purposes only.”

“The whole thing was utter rubbish. This is preying on people who are grieving and looking for comfort,” she said.

A woman named Lisa Lamb said that through Lillyanne’s Facebook page, her 7-year-old daughter had won a competition and was told she would receive a letter from her deceased father but that never happened.

“She thought this woman would be able to get her daddy, just to see he was OK,” she said.


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