Psychic Medium Angelina Diana Teaches Others How to Tap Into Their Psychic Abilities

Posted February 25, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Angelina Diana

Lowell, MA. – Psychic medium Angelina Diana should not be passed off as being a run-of-the-mill psychic.

Diana used to be a radio host for a Connecticut radio station and this is where her interest in speaking to people on the other side grew. In her time working at the radio station they had a few psychic mediums come to the station for interviews and her interest grew from there.

It didn’t take long for her to learn that there are two different types of psychics- “those in the work to heal, and those in the work to steal.” She chose to be in the latter group so she studied intensively and gave all her attention to “evidence”, which she believes are the verifiable signs of energy she gets from the spirits she communicates with.

Diana will be at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts this Saturday March 1st at 3:00pm hosting a charity event that will benefit the Lowell Humane Society. The Lowell Sun interviewed her about this and she agreed to answer some questions for them.

The Sun: “What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?”

Diana: “They are different practitioners. A medium is someone that contacts someone who has departed from us, while a psychic is someone who’s more there for spiritual health and who empowers a person to live the life the way he or she wants to live. Every medium has to be a psychic at some point, but not every psychic is a medium.”

The Sun: “When did you first learn you had this talent?”

Diana: “I believe it’s an ability, not a gift. It came into my life a couple times as a child and I ignored it, mostly I think because I was scared of it. I used to be a newscaster in radio for about 10 years, and one day in the late 90’s my producers told me to book mediums for the show and I found myself very drawn to them. I decided to go on a personal journey to learn to do it for myself.”

The Sun: “What do you typically do at one of your events?”

Diana: “The charity events take about 90 minutes to 2 hours. I try to stimulate people to be their own personal spiritual communicator, then I take questions, and then I do a demonstration.”

The Sun: “How do you communicate with people on the other side?”

Diana: “We have spiritual senses, just like we have physical ones. So sometimes I might hear a talkative person speaking inside my head, or sense a creative person by seeing random images like in a daydream. Then it’s like playing Pictionary or a word game in bringing together the clues to discern the energy they’re sending you.”

The Sun: “Are the people on the other side nice?”

Diana: “From all the evidence I’ve seen, the people on the other side have shown me that they’ve transferred from a hard, difficult Earth to a more loving place, so I want to help bring that love back to Earth.”

If you live in or near Lowell and would like to see Diana’s show, you can purchase them for $35 at


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