Psychic Medium Carmel Baird Of ‘Mom’s A Medium’ Television Show States, ‘I did not want to be a medium’

Posted June 26, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Carmel Baird

Toronto, Canada – Carmel Baird is a psychic medium who doesn’t feel that she’s any different than other working mothers.

She lives on a ranch in Edmonton along with her kids, grandkids, a number of dogs, chickens, horses, and her husband Dave who loves to hunt. The only difference she can think of? She speaks with the spirit world and delivers messages from them.

“ I think we’re just a normal, average family, but I happen to talk to dead people. That seems really odd, but it’s true,” says Baird laughingly.

The new reality show, “Mom’s a Medium” is going to be focusing on her ability to connect with the afterlife. It premiered last Friday the 19th on CMT Canada and it follows her as she brings closure to grieving families with messages for them from their deceased loved ones. She does all of this while taking care of her family and busy household and managing her own life.

Baird states that for the majority of her life, she experienced extreme anxiety that sometimes caused her to stay locked up in her home for days on end. That all changed about five years ago when she made the realization that her panic attacks were being caused by the flooding of voices belonging to spirits, not her own thoughts.

“ I did not want to be a medium. I did not sign up for this and say, ‘I want to be a medium.’ It was not ever what I thought I would be doing with my life,” says Baird.

“ But I was suffering with panic and anxiety, and if I give the messages to people, and I use this ability, my panic and anxiety is less. I don’t have to medicate. I don’t have to do any of those things. So I think there has to be a reason why I have this.”

She explains that she doesn’t always receive the messages as voices; sometimes they are visions, other times they come to her as thoughts. In one particular reading, she saw the spirit of a little girl pointing to a frying pan and pretending to make smiley-face pancakes, Baird relayed what she was seeing to the family whom she was giving a reading to and they informed her that this had been a weekend tradition in their household.

There will be an episode of “Mom’s a Medium” in which Baird gives country singer Chad Brownlee a private reading and he is overcome with emotion after she delivers a message to him from a deceased loved one. Baird says that this is one of her favorite moments in the series, which involves the spirit of a little boy.

Of course skeptics all think that Baird is taking advantage of individuals who are desperate to hear from their loved ones and are needing closure but Baird maintains her authenticity, saying that in no way is she doing this. She is very aware that there will be people who are no doubt going to be skeptical of her abilities and says that even her husband thought she was “nuts” when he first learned of her unique ability but he has since been proven wrong.

“ Here’s what I think exploiting is. If I were to walk up to someone who didn’t ask me for a reading and just started dumping it on them, that’s wrong. You would never, ever see me do it on the show,” she says.

“ But if someone’s willing to come to me and say, ‘Can you connect? Can you give me something?’ Then I’m going to give you everything I can.”

She recently gave an interview to a news company in Toronto in which she delivered messages to a reporter for the Canadian Press from family members that had passed away. Sometimes they were hair-raisingly spot on, other times the receiver didn’t understand their significance but all in all, about two-thirds of her messages hit home with the reporter.

Through some give-and-take, Baird was able to piece together an important family event. What I mean by give-and-take is that for example, Baird would state that she could hear a name that began with the letter “M”, or that she was feeling a “distance” between two people, then the reporter would tell her what that meant.

Baird says that she honestly does feel that she is helping both families and spirits receive the closure they need and helps those who are mourning the death of a loved one. She also says that it is her belief that everyone is capable of communicating with spirits, but that the skill has been suppressed by our egos.

“ I believe we all have this. I think we are all privileged to communicate with the other side,” she says.

“ I think we all have intuition. The same voice when you’re driving the road that says, ‘Go home, you left the stove on,’ that’s the same voice that tells me ‘Uncle Harry’s here.’ I teach people that.”


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