Psychic Medium Lisa Williams Connects With Spirits Who Have Passed, Gives Prediction On Missing Malaysian Flight MH370

Posted May 6, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Lisa Williams

Even when psychic Lisa Williams is speaking to the spirits of those that have passed before us, she sounds so authoritative thanks to her British accent.

Williams, a psychic medium to be more precise, is on tour in the East Coast and a journalist named Linda Lombroso with the news company lohud was able to interview her recently. One thing that really shines through about Williams is her down-to-earth personality.

“I’ve got this gift for a reason,” she says. “I’ve surrendered my whole life to this work, and it’s become my absolute passion and joy to continue on. I feel very blessed.”

Williams is from Birmingham, England but now lives in Los Angeles, California. It is there that she runs a school for spiritual development, as well as operates the website which offers several different psychic services. If her name sounds at all familiar, it is because she has had two different shows on the Lifetime channel, one called ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead’ and the other called ‘Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side’. As we speak, she is finishing up her latest book, titled ‘I Speak to Dead People: Can You?’

The journalist for lohud asked Williams her thoughts on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane and here is what she has to say about it:

“My feeling is they need to get me on the case and I can solve it for them. I was very fortunate to read for someone who had a very close loved one on that flight, and so I was able to see exactly what happened. And I can absolutely tell you that plane is not in the water, and that there are survivors. The spirit I connected with did not die on impact. Sadly they have passed. But I was not prepared to say that until I got specific details about that person, and some information that no one would have been able to Google or know.”

Williams has previously stated that the plane made a crash landing somewhere in the rain forest, so she was asked about that:

“Yes, absolutely there’s a connection to it being in a rain forest, not a jungle. I do believe that ultimately it will be found. But I also think that things are being covered up right at this moment. I think we’re getting too close to the mark and so people are trying to quiet it down.”

They asked her if she warns people she is doing a reading for if she sees that their future holds something dangerous:

“I do. I think it’s very important. I’m a straight shooter and I don’t mess around. (But) I’ll always ask them permission. I’ll say, “I’m seeing something. Do you want to know everything?” I will not filter. If I put my interpretation on it, I get it wrong. If I just tell you how I’m getting it directly from spirit, then it’s right from the source.”

She was then asked about her ability to communicate with the other side, more specifically, they asked her if the spirits show her things, or if she can hear their actual voices:

“I don’t work with symbols. I’m very clairaudient, and that means I hear the spirit. They give me information. I will have a full-blown conversation with them, and I basically give everything I get.”

When asked if she is constantly receiving messages from the deceased, she replied:

“No. I think I’d be six foot under with them! It would just drive me completely insane. I do switch off. But when I decide that I want to switch it on, it’s like ‘POW’ and then the spirits go, ‘Oh, that’s her. That’s where we go’, it’s like switching on the light switch.”

She was asked about her opinion of what happens when we pass away.

“I wrote a book on it: ‘The Survival of the Soul’. I believe we continue on, we meet our loved ones, we grow, and we do it all over again.”

The journalist asked her how she decides which audience members she will help make a connection with the spirits of their loved ones when she performs shows:

“I don’t select anyone. The information comes through, and so it’s really the spirit that I actually then go with. I give out the information and then I find out who it relates to. So everyone has an equal chance of getting a message, of speaking to their loved one. It’s not luck of the draw or anything like that. It’s luck of the spirit, whoever comes through.”

They asked her about the skeptics that she encounters on a day-to-day basis:

“Of course I encounter them. My own father was a skeptic for many years. I welcome them. I’ve had many skeptics who walked out a believer, and I’ve also had skeptics who’ve gone their way skeptical as well, because they can’t change their mind. They don’t want to. They’re cynical. I completely understand skeptics. It’s very normal.”

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