Psychic Medium Who Solves Cold Cases Gets Her Own Television Show

Posted August 5, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Jackie Barrett

A new psychic television show is under way!

A psychic and medium from the Bay Ridge area in Brooklyn works alongside her dog on cold cases and she has just been offered a reality TV show.

“This is this awesome break,” says psychic medium Jackie Barrett. Barrett has written several books about her investigations, for example, she wrote about Ronald DeFeo who is known as being the Amityville Horror murderer, and has written about famed Zodiac Killer copycat Heriberto Seda. “I didn’t want to deal with serial killers anymore,” she adds.

She describes the new show as a sort of “spiritual ‘Intervention’” and says that they will be helping victims of distressing experiences work through their psychic trauma.

However, this show is not Barrett’s first experience on television.

In the 2008 reality show called “America’s Psychic Challenge” Barrett placed second and she also worked alongside Captain Sean Crowley, a retired NYPD, on a show called “Medium P.I” which was a show about solving cold cases. Barrett says that she chose to leave that show because working with the families of victims was leaving her too emotionally drained and was taking its toll on her.

“After the first show, I wanted to walk away from it,” she says. “There is entertainment, and there’s real life- this is real life. This is people’s children.”

The psychic medium will not be the only star of the show however- she is going to have her trusty canine sidekick named Violet working with her, whom Barrett says has some of her own psychic powers.

“I guess she’s a little intuitive, herself,” says Barrett.

She states that Violet has a tendency to pick out sick or diseased people, and even helped her question the New York Zodiac Killer once.

“When I asked if he killed a man with little white dog, he would avoid the topic, but Violet would perk up and bark at him,” she says. Barrett added that the murderer did end up admitting that his victim did happen to be walking a dog when he attacked them. “Violet’s not a barker unless she has something to say.”

Barrett moved to the Bay Ridge area about seven years ago from New Orleans because of it’s “family-friendly charm and leafy streets” but she may not have left the spirit of New Orleans entirely behind her.

“I have to say, where I am now, I’d probably have a hard time selling my home,” she says. “I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of hauntings. My fireplace that has a mind of its own, lights go on and off…”


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