Psychic Medium Sunny Dawn Johnston Conducts Afterlife Study

Posted December 4, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic Medium Sunny Dawn Johnston

In an effort to learn about out how individuals in this day and age feel regarding death, psychic medium Sunny Dawn Johnston decided to tackle the question by establishing an Afterlife Study.

She previously authored a book titled ‘The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side’ and it was after writing that book that she decided to embark on this study.

“I realized that so many people were struggling with death,” she says. “In my research for the book, I discovered that people really struggled with what to say when someone has died, how to deal with the grief, how to heal from the loss and how to connect with the afterlife- if they even believed in one. I thought it would be interesting to create a study where we asked some very basic questions to get an overall idea of how people perceive death.”

She says that growing up in Salt Lake City in the 70’s and 80’s, “There was a lot of fear around death. I wondered, do people still feel that way or is there more of an understanding around it now? This study aims to answer that question and more,”

In response to being asked how she personally feels about death she answered, “Well, first of all, I believe that we can, if we choose, change our perception of death so that it doesn’t have to be so hard. My goal is to help people release the fear of death… by sharing how our deceased loved ones ARE still with us… showing us signs, loving us unconditionally and sometimes even telling us what to do.”

Regarding her feelings and beliefs about an afterlife (or lack thereof) she says, “The Afterlife, in my opinion, absolutely exists. I have consciously experienced the spirit world daily for most of the past 30 years in some form or another. I began seeing spirits as a young teenager, have felt the presence of angels throughout my life, heard my loved ones’ messages of guidance and direction as an audible voice, or had dreams where murder victims have come through with information about the crime. All of these experiences have taught me that the spirit world exists and that we can, if we want to, connect with our loved ones on the other side.”

She was also asked what her opinion of the afterlife might be like if it does exist and her answer was, “I believe that we create our experience in the afterlife. We are continually expanding souls and the spirit world is a mental world based on thought and vibration. I believe that what many call ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ is the same thing that I call the afterlife. And it is of our own belief and creation.”

She doesn’t mind sharing her opinions about death and in fact thinks about it a lot, especially since as a psychic medium, you are constantly contacting the other side in order to connect her clients with their loved ones. Sunny is also a volunteer for a non-profit group that works with search and rescue teams and police in order to solve missing persons cases called ‘Find Me’. She acknowledges the importance of family members finding closure after a loved one has disappeared and her volunteering is her way of helping them hopefully find that closure. She is no stranger to death and losses in her personal life either, having experienced the deaths of friends and family members whom she cared about deeply.

“Death… it is the one journey we will ALL walk,” she says. She also states that she has fulfilled her purpose if she can make that walk a little bit easier for people.

Although the Afterlife Study is still in it’s early stages (only a month old and not nearly the 10,000 participants she plans to reach by the end of the year) she was able to share some of the results so far: 95% of participants answered ‘yes’ when asked if they were “fascinated with the spirit world, afterlife and the paranormal, and if they would like to learn more about it”. 23% of the participants also answered ‘yes’ when asked if they had “a fear of death, loss and/or the pain associated with dying”.

Since these are just preliminary results, the percentages could change drastically as more and more people participate in the study but so far it looks as though the vast majority of people in our time period are afraid of death, but at the same time would like to learn as much as possible about what happens after we die. This is a significant difference in the amount of people 30 or 40 years ago had they been asked these questions. The fact that we have more books, movies, and TV shows available to us, which openly discuss these types of issues with us, could be a contributing factor for the change in attitude. Not to mention the articles, videos, and person-to-person discussions that take place thanks to the Internet where people can share and talk about their personal near death experiences.

Sunny found the response of one of her participants of the Afterlife Study particularly interesting and revealed a lot to her- the person said that even though they were not able to help anyone who had lost a loved one, they did find that they were developing a new understanding of it all. They admitted that losing someone is obviously still very painful but at least now a change of attitude towards death is taking place within them.

A different participant told her “I have experienced contact with my father and brother, in addition to other family members who have passed. They offer me guidance and love. It’s hard to explain my belief. I just know there is an afterlife.”

Sunny is hoping for a lot more people to participate in the Afterlife Study so that she can get a better grasp of what the general consensus is regarding these matters. If you would like to join her study, you can do so here. It is a short questionnaire that only takes minutes and will be going on until the end of 2014. A free copy of Answers about the Afterlife will be available for download to anyone who partakes in the study.


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